How is your summer going so far? Any good experiences to share with us?

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    Great trip with Julie to NYC and New England. Met Clonge!!

    Two bowling tournaments out of town.

    Too much Words With Friends 

    My son built a block and stone flower bed for my back yard.

    School starts Tuesday!


    I was going to give you a "Thumbs Down" for not mentioning me in your prior post. Then, I saw this one, so I gave you a "Thumbs Up" . Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    You were a very important and special part of our trip! I'll write soon. Trying to downsize. Empty boxes filled the recycling can....yes, I broke them down first!


    I finally got some photos of a Bigfoot clan hiding in the woods across the road from my place ... this is a zoomed shot of a sleeping baby Bigfoot's face ... eyes closed with grey skin .... little and cute !

    Whoop Whoop!!!

    I thought everybody knew Bob and I went to New York (and some surrounding states). The vacation was fabulous and yes, it was warm. We even stuck our feet into the Atlantic!

    Hot and dry here in France, the longest drought for 50 years. Rain has now come and the weed growth in the potager ( vegetable garden) is amazing.

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