nick kyrgios..time for him to go.???? he is an Australian embarrassment i am ashamed to even think of him as an Aussie..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..;ion=1&amp;espv=2&amp;ie=UTF-8#q=nick%20kyrgios

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    Gentlemanly sportsmanship is a thing of the past with these guys Terry. They should be taught a lesson in respect.He has appologised this morning but it's an insult that's hard to undo.I wish I was young enough to kick his arse.

    terryfossil 1

    TU Tom..i agree Tom..while ever he is knocking around with Tomic i can only see him getting worse,,but Hewitt may sort him out,,,there have been other bad boys of tennis,,but this goose has stepped over the line...All the best has been about 3 days since i have had any points to TU anyone,,looks like i am not alone..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Trying to make headlines with his mouth rather than his tennis playing, silly little boy remarks.

    Perhaps he can give Dougal a game.

    Another spoiled brat athlete, seeking attention in every possible way. He should be disciplined. On the other hand, don't we all remember John McEnroe?


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