Assisted dying; yes or no?

    A healthy 75 year old woman ended her life at a clinic in Switzerland because she could not face the natural end as she had been a palliative care nurse and had seen how life often ended.

    Any comments?

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    The woman decided to end her life, so it was entirely her decision.

    thumbs up, Nom.

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    Certainly not if I'm healthy, would like to think I'd go peacefully in my sleep if possible, if not, and I'm definitely going to die I would accept any assistance offered.

    "Healthy"? Are you sure there isn't more to this story? Seems very strange.

    I think assisted death is right in some circumstances, but is individual, not something that can be all-inclusive.

    Hospice care is a better choice for me

    Nom, you certainly know how to ask a much commented question,there is no yes or no to this question,,it is a personnel decision..however my answer is no,i believe i was brought into this world by God for a reason,,so it was never my life to end,,if i believe i belong to God,then i will leave it in his hands,,corney as it sounds that is my belief..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    No I don't  agree with it personally,  and in this cases I don't think she was seriously  ill. It's a bit different if you have a terminal illness, and you are suffering,  even then I don't agree with it.  This case certainly seems a bit  strange to me.

    If someone is suffering and wants to be put out of their misery, then I don't have a problem with that. We do it for our pets, don't we ? ............cuz we don't want them to suffer.

    Personally, I would rather have God end my life .

    I'm with Baby Jesus on this one; your Lord and Savior. NO.


    terryfossil 1

    You never cease to surprise me Digger,,which is not a bad thing for me..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I already know my demise. I will win the lottery. As I walk up to lottery headquarters with ticket in hand I will be struck by a meteor and killed instantly. Im all for putting people out of their misery. Why prolong pain and suffering with no good prognosis .

    If all else fails, and the amount of pain, yes but NOT because you just want to……..

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