how does one go about mending past mistakes ?

    Rather how can one open up the road to healthy healing. Where how,should or do i even start. 

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    Awesome ... you start now by keeping an open mind and by forgiving yourself and then getting on with life.... if you wish to change a lifestyle then do it ... make a list ... a wish list and follow through with even one thing at a time.... gentle is the way without forcing... try joining a meditation class and or yoga to help settle the mind ... stop feeding your head any and all negativity and if that means moving or leaving some people behind then so be it! Be kind to yourself and kindness to others will follow.... and if you need to apologize to someone be sure to think first on how it may affect them because some things in life can be unforgiveable ... however to sit in the mire of guilt is no place to be so ... as above ... seek council if you must from a neutral person ... peace be with you ...

    Make an appointment with a professional counsellor.

    Of course you should start mending, or at least putting those past mistakes into perspective.

    For substance abuse, visit AA, NA, Overeaters Anonymous, and other self-help organizations. Use what is available. 

    Make a list of relationships you want to mend, and understand some may never mend. Can you telephone, should you write, arrange a meeting...  I need to send a personal Facebook message to someone I'd like to at least partially reconcile.  Make some notes on key issues you don't want to forget, and do not expect a reciprocal apology....this is all on you.

    I believe faith is an important part of the mending process. Spend time in daily prayer. Starting with mending your relationship with God will make it all easier.

    That will depend on the mistake..sometimes sorry will not cut it,,and you may have to pay the piper,,i once gave myself up to a court knowing it could cost me a few years of freedom,,i put my trust in God and my wife to be,,the penalty was high,but not as high as losing my freedom,,but i was willing to pay the cost whatever it was,,but as the others have said,make sure your sorry,does not cost others..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Acknowledge and then apologize. Forgive yourself. Write a confessional letter and burn it, let the ashes blow away. Take your choice....

    ....treat others as you would want to be treated 

    ....God looks for action 

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