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    Image result for adam goodes photos   Adam Goodes is getting booed by the fans of AFL,and he calls it a racist attack,there are 74 other aboriginals that play in AFL,,they are not getting booed,,so is it racist or is it just that a lot of the fans do not like Adam Goodes,,The King Wally Lewis got booed whenever he played a match in Sydney in NRL,,and nobody called out does that mean it is only racist if you boo a non white..i am interested to see what people think,,thanks guys and gals..>>>>>>>><<<<<<..

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    Seems like the fans just don't like this guy, some people are too quick(or sensitive) to shout "racist" nowadays, a case in the UK has just been to court, similar circumstances, but definitely racist........

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    I for one do not like him Roy,,but that is my right..he brings this stuff on himself,,i think he lost a lot of friends when he was named Australian of the year,,which is not his fault.. he was going to retire last season,i think he is using this as an excuse..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    And look at how the French attacked Chris Froome in the Tour de France, throwing urine and spitting at him.

    terryfossil 1

    That's pretty bad stuff Nom..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    A French journalist was being interviewed about that on the news last week, and he openly admitted that the French don't like us. If that's how they feel they can stick their baggettes and letters where the sun don't shine.

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