Why can't I lose weight ? See details ........

    This is not funny . For some years now, I've weighed 180---185 lbs. and I'm 5'6''   .  I'm not a big eater, I eat healthful foods, I swim about every other day . I ride my bike.My only indulgence is ........eating 2 or 3 pieces of dark choc everyday Dove pieces.

    Nothing works.Could it be b/c i eat at night ? I don't pig out. I just eat a little at night.

     Am I stuck at this weight ? !    >:-O

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    Exactly what Ben said. You could also try having your big meal earlier in the day and then only a light meal at your usual supper time; then a walk. (Keep in mind too, that chocolate is full of calories....try ONE piece a day instead of three.)

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    I don't eat 3 choc bars a day. I eat little pieces, b/c it gives me a buzz. But, you're right. I shouldn't eat a big meal later at night. .

    Have you had your thyroid checked. T-3 and T-4.


    Thks for the tip. I'll mention it to my doc.Could it be water weight too ?

    When you press your finger into your skin does it leave an indentation behind for awhile? If so, that is a whole different issue. Do you have a cardiologist?

    W W , the top of socks does leave an indentation in my skin, yes. But, when, i push down on my ankle or lower leg, dent.

    Water, you’re puffy. Slacken up on the salt and processed foods. Do you eat a lot of fruit? I find that when I follow my diabetic meal plans faithfully I tend to lose weight. And NO skipping meals. The internet is loaded with meal plans..

    A sample meal plan for diabetics consists of avocado toast with egg, café au lait containing one-half cup of 1 percent milk and a medium-size orange, according to WebMD. This meal plan is ideal for breakfast. Meal plans for breakfast may also include yogurt, peanut butter, part-skim cheese stick, nuts and hardboiled eggs. Diabetics can also add unsweetened instant oatmeal, crispbread, toast and fruits to their meals.



    • What is a sample meal plan using the American Diabetes Association diet?

    • Where can you find an affordable sample diabetic meal plan?

    • What is a good breakfast meal plan for a diabetic?



    The avocado toast and egg breakfast calls for a slice of 100 percent whole grain bread, one-fifth of an avocado and an egg, states WebMD. Making the meal involves toasting the bread, mashing the avocado on the toast, adding a softboiled or poached egg atop the toast and sprinkling it with salt and pepper. The recipe serves one person and provides 245 calories.

    For lunch, diabetics may consume two slices of bread, a small whole-wheat pita or rye crispbreads paired with a salad or soup, recommends WebMD. Healthy snacks, especially fruits and vegetables, can help diabetics reach their daily calorie goals. Cottage cheese alongside black pepper, basil and diced tomatoes makes a tasty snack.

    To make a healthy portobello pizza as a snack, diabetics may fill a properly cleaned large mushroom with low-fat cheese and tomato sauce, and then roast the mushroom in the oven for 20 minutes, explains WebMD. For dinner, chicken tortilla soup and seltzer with lime are possible choices.




    Thank you,jh. Yes, I eat processed foods and snacks. So maybe a lot of it is water.

    You can  add little exercises to your daily routine which may not seem like 'squat' at the time but will help you keep your weight in check. Example: When I was cleaning my house I did squat thrusts as I walked from one room to the other. Add a few extra movements to your daily routine and you may notice a difference.


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    I also work on my weight MCM .i work on a simple method..if you do not burn off more calories than you put in your mouth,then you are gonna put on weight,,as i am on holiday at the moment i am putting on some weight,when i get back home i will be doing 20 to 25 klms 5 nights a week on my bike,, it works for me MCM..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    I ride my bike often, but it doesn't seem to help me lose weight. What is 20 to 25 klms in terms of miles ?
    terryfossil 1

    MCM,20 klms = 12.42 miles..not exactly a marathon MCM..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<

    Yes ,I totally agree with above answers eat 1 chocolate piece instead of eating 2-3 in a day .Along with this ,you should also concern your doc about this problem .I have been taking organic seed since 3 months and I got perfect body shape and healthy lifestyle.


    I don't mean I eat a whole bar. I eat little pieces.

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