30 Britain's and 8 more Europeans murdered on a sunny beach

    Please pray for them and their  families.

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    Sunny, I'm just catching up now. As you know, I've had lots of problems with the site.

    Your question is not taken lightly. It's a disgusting, horribly sad situation. I feel for those poor families. I can't imagine being innocently on a beach, on a vacation and having something like that, tear your life apart.

    So, so much of this type of activity going on, all over the world. We Canadians do hear about it, notice it and we do take it seriously.    :((


    Thanks for your kind words Ducky.

    It's a sad,sad situation Sunny.Sooner or later somethin's gotta give.We need to do more to protect ourselves from these radicals.....but what?


    I agree Tommyh it's certainly getting worse. It was thought at first he was a lone terrorist, but they are not sure now, as they have arrested a few of his associates. These ISIS murderers are being financed by someone, it's them they need to be going after, I would have thought. Thanks for your comment Tommyh.

    Wow, I cannot imagine. What's the story? Who, what, where, when, and why? I'm praying as I type......


    It was a terrorist attack on a beach and hotel in Tunisia. A gunman murdered holiday makers on a beach as they relaxed in the sun, he carried on through the hotel and complex killing 38 people 30 of which are British. I have been to that hotel twice ,in 2009 and 2010 , it's a beautiful hotel and beach,and the local people are lovely people friendly and helpful ,tourism is their main income.
    He was an ISL terrorist murderess scum bag, the police shot him dead in the street fortunately, but unfortunately after he had carried out these uneseccary murders.

    The whole world is going crazy !

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