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    The now current confederate flag is a relic as is the original U.S.flag representing the 13 states. Nothing will be harmed if taken down and placed in the history books or Wikipedia.......

    I say NO!  Just everyone needs to get together and quit fighting. Please people just bond together!


    Stupidity rules the opinionated/ignorant, stuck in their way. 

    i have been watching the news on this, now don't howl me down, the civil war has been over since 1865, the confederate flag should have been suppressed then, how i see it it just part of your history which is where it belongs, the meaning behind the flag is insult to Afro - Americans plus the union soldiers who fought and died in the Civil War. (:

    if it represents what some say it represents, it should have been taken down.

    Burn it. 

    I don't understand why anyone would seek to honor past hatreds, dishonor, stupidity, bondages, slavery, and acts against common sense. I grew up in a  southern state and found the absence of intellectual curiosity within confederate states to be a culture of hear-say, deception, mis-dirrection, rumor mongering in cheap-talk to demean and to boost personal pride of embellished claims against selected targets to boost ones self esteem in their embellished lies in all regards. 

    Alot of blood was spilt under that flag as was spilt under the union flag,,it deserves it's place in history..however i am not american and it is not my flag,,but it is my opinion..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I always thought it was a pride in the South flag. Since when did it become a hate flag ?  I'm not from the south, but down there they have it on their bumpers and outside of their house. Ok, I've visited there.

    While the US got all flustered about a flag, they gov forged ahead with the TPP which will basically remove democracy from the people and hand power to corporations and their lawyers. The flag debate saturated the media it was a very convenient distraction for the "powers". 

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