What is the process of the organic fertilizer production?

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    I produce some every day; solids are flushed down the toilet but liquids are mostly  put directly into the compost bin. It would be best to do the same with solids and one day I might do so.

    There are main eight steps?1.Organic materials fermentation process plays the preliminary but indispensable role in the whole production line. The self-propelled compost turner can accelerate fermentation speed and prevents generation of poisonous and smelly gas. 2. The manure (cattle, sheep, chicken, etc.) after treatment transported directly to the fertilizer mixing machine.3. Delivered to rotary drum fertilizer granulator; after rotation can be made directly small particles of friction material;4.Delivered to the organic fertilizer dryer, and heat from the stove for heat exchange;5. Delivered to the organic fertilizer cooler by natural or forced cold air cooling cold fertilizer;6. Delivery to fertilizer screening machine, large particles after grinding mill were returned to the mixer feeders continue to participate into a ball; 7. After screening qualified products delivered to the fertilizer coating machine; 8. Delivered to the automatic packaging machine to do scale weighing, packaging, warehousing. Whirlston fertilizer plant is a good choice.

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