IRS scam....warning

    In the last week we have been contacted twice by phone by someone claiming to be from the IRS saying that we were being taken to court by the IRS. The first call was a robocall and the second was from Officer Daniel Smith (Pakistan accent) who ask for Randy. I called the number back and another man (Pakistan accent) answered and said 'Internal Revenue Service, may I help you." Luckily we knew that the IRS contacts are mainly made through the mail so we did not fall for this scam. It makes me so angry that there are people out there perpetrating these scams on innocent people who are trusting and unaware of these vicious people. Please warn your friends and family of this scam!

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    Hi Randy, It's nice to have you back again.

    Good to know. It's happening in Canada too. ("Canada Revenue calling")

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    We get people with Indian accents calling and saying there is a fault with our computer which they will fix if we give them our credit card number.


    If you have a phone which displays the number, you can look it up on Google. I did this and it showed the call was coming from Bangladesh!
    Headless Man

    Don't fall for that either, I get them also.....

    This happened to me and I posted it here. Just to let everybody know,the IRS  NEVER makes contact be phone. When the guy called me, I told him that the IRS would never hire anyone for phone service who spoke with such poor English.....

    Soliciting money due, as a scam, works well on folk who feel guilty, elderly, etc...maybe you. Checks go out to the demanding con better than money solicitors for charity...often another scam.     

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