I just started driving again after 12 years. My question is after taking there required classes and road trips, how long does one retain them in their memories? Cause it’s a cinch that no one on the roads today remembers them…..

    Tell me your driving horror stories…….

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    The worst thing on the roads these days is the tail gaiting (usually young females) and drivers coming over into my lane while they are texting (usually young females).

    It used to be that young males were the most aggressive drivers on the road. It's sad to watch the females now trying to prove something and/or keep up with their boyfriends. 


    It WAS illegal to text and drive here in Austin but it was determined too hard to prosecute thus they reversed the law!

    Hey, mod, can you change my there to their?

    It's still illegal here and they are starting to crack down on distracted driving. Just recently,they interviewed a driver who was charged and his response was "Oh I've been driving and texting for a long time. I'm really good at it". Clueless.
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    that's what my dad used to say, that the worst,most aggressive drivers are the young women in these small cars. I find it to be young men in pick-up trucks.

    Congratulations, Julie. It takes courage to take up driving again after 12 years of not driving. Everything has changed so much and the traffic is thicker and heavier. Enjoy driving. Next stop, you will get a job you enjoy .


    I enjoy not working (oh but I do part time, shhh). Getting a real job would stop my checks deemed necessary because I am incapable of working.....

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