Today is the last day of..... employment.  After considerable thought and reasoning, I had announced to my company I was retiring.  30 years in this business 30 years in a previous business, that's 60 years, I started when I was 9 years old working, do the math. :) It was emotional to say the least, I received a plaque of appreciation from my company and in 2 more hours from this posting I will be entering the next phase of my life, although at this time I have no idea where it will lead other than wife and I are leaving California and moving back to Ohio to be with family.  We have been in CA for the 30 years of my second career.  It's been a great ride.  but time to move on!

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    Retirement : twice the husband and half the pay !

    Now is the time to get stuck into the 'Bucket List'.

    Don't retire from akaQA!

    Vinny there's Bigfoot in Ohio man! The Ohio Grassman!! Unless that means something else... LoL

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    Enjoy every day of it my friend...........................




    Total awesomeness Vin !

    Hi Lindi. Haven't seen you in awhile.

    Hello MCM ! I have been working gardening as well as swimming a lot with little Storm prepping her for more major surgeries to correct her hips then legs!! I'm still checking in though haven't much time to answer quests like I used to... good to touch base sweet MCM!

    Congratulations and enjoy! It's a great way to live.       :)

    Congratulations, Vinny. May you have a happy and healthy retirement. When I retired, not one member of my  family said anything. Neither did my friends.


    That's too bad, I look at retirement as a special time of your life, I always congratulate those that have worked hard all their lives and decide to live for themselves. Well, I will congratulate you Cat! :)

    T Y, Vin

    You know what?? Here it is a month and two weeks later and not one member of my family congratulated me either. But I posted on facebook, I received lots of congrats from friends, but once again, no family members. NOT EVEN MY SISTER! And I only have one sibling. Am I feeling sorry for myself?? Hell yeah! But I'm enjoying retirement.

    I wish you the best in your new endeavor, Vinny. You will love being near family . That's the Italian in you. La Familial Prima. ( I might not have said that right )

    Quite an accomplishment .

    What a wonderful “question”. It filled my otherwise melancholy heart with happiness.  Good for you!  You’ll love retirement…………..



    You haven't learned that I pay no attention to the rules. There's no button for 'statement'. And the regulars don't always have questions for each other. Thanks for the send off! :)

    All the best mate.Enjoy.

    ""   enjoy Vinny..and may it last a long time..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Glad for you,Vinny! I hope you are up to freezin' in the winter! It will be a big change from CA!


    Say hello to my late husband's many family members in Ohio, including his children and grand children and now his great grandchildren that he never got to see :-( They all live in the Cleveland area.....or south of Cleveland or Parma.

    Cat, I'm going to Cincinnati area, that's full south, Cleveland (Parma) is all the way north. Ironically I dated a girl from Parma Heights. about 250 miles. That didn't last long. LOL!

    okay :-)

    G'day Vinny, congratulations on your retirement entering another stage of life, you will love it, doing things when you want to, spontainous trips, sleeping in -- 60 years is a life time, i thought 50 years was long when i retired this year as of 1st of April, now is the time to really enjoy life while you can, good on ya Mate. :)


    Happy retirement to you too, Bullet

    Thanks Mycatsmom, i'm enjoying it.

    Congratulations Vinny,  enjoy your retirement. 


    and your grandchildren and great -grandchildren .

    Enjoy retirement and the move back to Ohio to be with family.

    Vinny May the next half of your life continue to be a wonderful story!!! May God continue to bless you and yours!!!

    Retirement has its advantages but as my friend says, 'Too much wife'.

    Cool Beans, Vinny! I hope the next 30 years are full of happy times for you and your wife. And dance on your birthday the 31st year (I did the math)

    All the best...

    Been a month and a half now.  Really enjoying the thought of retiring but my work load has increased 500% with getting everything ready for the cross country move to Ohio.  Some people say I am nuts for making this move due to weather but nuts or not, that's where our families live and we gotta go be nuts with them.   

    Packing and arranging to have everything moved is a nightmare with looking for the right company to move your furniture, then looking for the right company to move your car. We have 2 but we are going to drive one across.   Special insurance too!   Very expensive.  I thought several times of dumping everything and buying new in Ohio but we have so many collectables that it makes no sense.  However, we are selling lots of large items and stuff we haven't seen or used in a year or so  has been sold through craigs list, ebay or moving sales.  We have really 'thinned out the herd'.   I don't have as much time to spend here and this is why.


    Yep, good luck mate, I'm sure you'll have more time once you're settled in.
    terryfossil 1

    10 months now Vinny,,where is our update,,one of the first things that happened to me when i ceased work,,my wife complained i was taking all her jobs off her through boredom..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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