It's hard to ask a question without hurting someone's feelings,NO? I asked," Are you Proud to be "An American", let's try to beat the "ghost" question. I should have not asked this at all. I should have added a "S" on the end of ghost.

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    Straight up I am a very prideful American, 4 years in the Marine Corp and knowing what rights we have here that are unheard of in much of the world. You may not always be happy with certain political issues but we can voice are opinion and not worry about being executed and believe in which ever divine entity we please or chose not to believe in one with out repercussions. We or some of us are so spoiled we forget what rights and privileges we have here. Many men have given their lives for the rights we sometimes underestimate. That is just my opinion.


    Raider8763, A Marine, could not have won WW-2 whatout The Marines. I bet you are neat and tidy? LOL. You walk tall. I seem to always spot a Marine. I not trying to be a smart ass, I'm Honored!

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    I understand what your saying and thank you very much Imsmartnsoru you must know how lucky we are to live in this great country. Color, race, gender, or religion makes no difference to me. Its the person inside that counts. I salute you my friend.

    I am proud and glad to be AMERICAN! my grandfather was in W.W.1 and several of my uncles where in W.W.2 and a cousin was in Vietnam so they fought to keep us free.Pray for the troops and help their families who can for them their the best love to fighting forces

    Thank you for the thumb ups

    Your comments is what makes me proud to be an American. God Bless you all.

    Yep I'm proud to be an American.And I know that I am free.

    Happy to be an American? There is a difference. Pride as an American - yes! I didn't earn this status; it was granted when born in this country. Proud only if defined with humility.

    Proud enought to have served six (6) years active duty with the U.S. Army, which put some starch in my shorts, and a realization that the America we enjoy was galvanized by the God of Abraham, cemented by the constitution, and forged by many brave citizens who have bled and died for this nation.

    I humbly state that God alone granted me citizenship in the greatest country on earth.


    Thumbs up,Mat.

    Depends on the question and the motivation of the questioner.


    Thank You, that makes sense. You are someone else I wish I could meet someday, and we all will.

    First of all, its only been an hour since you wrote this drivel. And second of all, what you wrote is nothing but a bunch of nonsense. Everyone I know is proud to be an American, whether they like the current administration or not. As a veteran, I find this type of question offensive and not a good way to encourage critical thinking. So I bid you farewell with a thumbs down.


    the orginal ? is over 20hrs. ago,not this ? I'm proud to be An American for 2 reasons. 1-What the MEN and WOMAN in all the Armed Forces, past and present alike, the sacifices they all had to or wanted to make ,many Brave soldlers, and 2nd< American people give money and themselves to needed causes, more than any other country Goverment or people, towers over all else. We are Givers and not takers. Proud and I say thanks.If someone has a problem with this question and answer,I have 1 word to say>Whatashame, What-a-shame!

    I am glad I'm an American, but not proud to be.
    How can you be proud to be an American when we elected Barack H. Oboma?

    If your new title question for this thread is true, then I can only suggest being more selective about the questions you ask.


    Good answer, soon I'm out of here. I spend way too much time on this stuff, and believe me when I say this, I don't want to hurt or offend or let me use the word "attack" anyone. Thank You Colleen. There is alot of people I wish I could meet on this site, and you would be one of them.

    Pride is prejudice.

    I was only trying to point out if you said "ghost" one would get thousand of veiws. I did not say," when "so" and "so" says the word "ghost", that question "asker" gets thousands of veiws. I should not of asked anything but just read.



    Imsmartnsoru, I think you've apologized enough. She made an "oopsy" the the other day too. My opinion, you're cool ; ) Take care.


    Thank You, Colleen.

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