Looks like we all overlooked Terry. He's passed the 100K at last.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/zh78midceksm9zzbcy7e.png


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    terryfossil 1 Thanks CB,,you could not have picked a better song,,Sure you are not part Aussie.???? Here is one for Texas from Slim,,,,>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    country bumpkin

    Yeeeee Haw!

    10 Answers

    Congratulations Mate, keep 'em coming and well done. :)

    Congratulations on 100,000K Terry.


    I've just deposited your reward. Check your account.



    Um, I'm pretty sure that I made a deposit. I'll get back to you.

    OOOFFF!!!! Took your bloody time mate.

    KOTF and the fleamily salute ya!!!!

    Looks like we're here for the long term, don't let anything stop ye fae collectin mare!!


    terryfossil 1

    Fair go Scotty,i canna thumbs up meself..Thanks Roy,,Interesting footy,not my code we do have a state side called the lions,,the main game in Queensland is rubgy league,,the game in the photo is called Australian Rules,,but to us non Aussie rules. we call it Ping Pong.. By the way,i cannot copy and paste to ,add new comment,any ideas???

    Do you mean putting a pic in a comment box?
    BTW, Happy Birthday mate.
    terryfossil 1

    Yes to the comment box,,,and thanks for the happy event that never comes down..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I do it this way/ select your chosen url, then put the code/

    Which translates to............<imgspacesrc="enter your CP image"\>
    Fuck knows what happened there, must be a secret code.
    Hope this makes sense?
    terryfossil 1 1 works 1 dont,,,i have to upload the photo to Tiny Pic,then download the url from Tiny Pic,,but only the url downloads,then when i click "add new comment" the photo opens up,, but if i want to put a photo in the answer box,no problem just copy and paste..Advice needed Scotty old mate..even though your younger than me..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    This is the way I do it, when I've found my picture etc I copy the address at top of my page, ie: the "URL".
    I then type into the comment box
    remember the spaces mate, practise it a wee while, pretty simple to do, very hard to explain in type though.
    GEEZ it did it again.

    Well he's been trying hard enough.Onya mate! Keep on truckin'.

    terryfossil 1

    Thanks Tom,i will keep truckin'. Where's the damn brake??????..>>>>>><<<<<<..

    DON'T STOP NOW!!! Forget about the brakes.Push on.
    terryfossil 1 Okay Tom,,,NO BRAKES GET OUT OF THE WAY..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Cool Beans, Mate!

    terryfossil 1

    Thanks Bob..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    That's a lot of Ks you've clocked up Terry.



    terryfossil 1

    Thanks Python,,if you call what i got a lot of K's,,What do you call your 700 odd K's..Rock on Python..>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I've been on this road since March 2011 Terry.A lot of mileage and wear and tear has been done.
    terryfossil 1

    Gotcha Python..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Good going Terry! Keep Collecting!

    Well done Terry,  keep going, always good talking. 

    >>>>>>><<<<<<< ( You know what I mean ? )

    terryfossil 1

    Keep diggen Digger..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    You've earned every one of these points. Keep up the entertainment!

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