Where does all the money go?

    It seems (in Canada at least) that everywhere you turn, there is money being collected for Cancer research. Billions and billions of dollars have been raised and still no cure.

    Apparently the U.S. has found 187 million of it. I'm guessing this may be happening, world wide! What do you think?


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    ALL "charities" etc keep lots of people in good employment, charities are mostly exempt from tax and other charges but NONE of the many millions of employees are exempt, so governments get their share of the billions of donations, charities are big business, cancer charities being the biggest, figuring out where the majority of the cash goes isn't too difficult, if any "company" ever found a cure for all cancers it would be the end of the gravy train for all but one of these "companies", it really is sad that in this day and age people still have to rely on charitable organisations to try and help them to lead a normal life, as Ben said, greed is a form of social cancer that I fear we will never see an end to, I personally never give money to collectors etc for any of the big organisations but I am willing to give them some of my time if they ever feel the need to ask for it, however, I do give to certain animal charities because most animals who need care can't pay for it themselves and I always make sure I know where and how my money is being used.


    Well said!!!

    My uncle by marriage was always down on churches, b/c he said they should pay taxes. He was originally Catholic, but got disillusioned with the Catholic church before he met my aunt, b/c the priest kept telling him , since he was single, he should put much more money in the collection basket.

    I guess we'll find out. A very dear friend of mine just came home with a cancer diagnosis, liver.  A few test and they'll find out where to start.... My dad was diagnosed over forty years ago with a very aggressive type of cancer and he surpassed the cure rate, lived to tell about it. They have come a long, long way!


    That's what the Cancer Society wants us to believe. I have a hard time with that thinking. "Some improvements" vs. billion$ and billion$, just doesn't match up in my mind.

    Glad you dad survived back then, jh. It must have been a miracle, b/c even now, liver cancer is an aggressive, hard to deal with cancer. He must have had a lot of prayer.

    Oh, it wasn’t liver cancer, it was teratoma of the left testicle…….

    My dad survived cancer back in 1955, losing saliva glands and going through chemotherapy. 1955, people.
    Cancer is a many-faceted, hideous disease, but we should have a much better handle on it after 60 years.
    Cancer, like health care and prescription drugs, is big business.

    @Bob....That is exactly what I am trying to say. We should have progressed much, much further by now, considering the amount of money which has been poured into "the system". It simply doesn't add up, in my opinion. As you said, big business.

    Well, people do seem to be living longer with cancer now. My brother in law has recently been diagnosed with myeloma  (cancer in the blood) it's treatable but not curable.  He's 76 so not so much can be done than if he were 30 years younger but there is hope all the time,  so we are all being positive. They keep trying different treatments, everything seems to be more promising than it was 30  years ago when another of my brother in laws fought Lukiemia  for two years, it beat him in the end. I was watching  a television programme a month or so ago, and they said they were on the verge of a cure for all cancers.  So it sounds promising, even if it's not sooner enough for our generation, hopefully it will be in time for the next.


    I agree that there have been some improvements. But...."being on the verge of a cure" has been said for decades. I no longer believe them when they make those claims. I want to see it and I don't, when I compare it to billions of dollars collected.

    Sunny, I hate to be a crepe hanger, but both my g.friend's daughter( 57 ) and my other g.friend's son ( 34 ) died of my multiple myeloma ( leukemia ) Doug even had the bone marrow transplant and the stem cell transplant. He died anyway . It was heart breaking.

    MCM, while your input is always valuable, I have to wonder why you would make a comment like this. It serves no useful purpose and the negativity Is palpable.
    Sunny has mentioned his brother-in-law's illness in another question; he's not naive about myeloma in a 76 year old man. Please don't be angry with me, but please don't write stuff you wouldn't want said to you.
    You're a cancer survivor; did people gloom and doom you during treatment?    Pretty much the same in Aussie Duck,,however they have progressed greatly,,>>>>>>><<<<<<<..


    Wikipedia only describes the "intent" of an organization. My question is bigger than that....much bigger! WHERE is all the collected money going? I think that there should be HUGE improvements in eliminating cancer (or even a cure) by now and I just don't see it.
    terryfossil 1

    Fat cats always skim something of the top,but they are winning in some areas,,there are a lot of different cancer's,My brother in law was given 2 weeks to live,he went through Bone Marrow Transplant,that's where they take you to deaths door and then bring you back..he lived another 20 years,,then died of Alzheimers,,,Maybe the question should be "How many lives has all that money saved"...Always nice talking Duck..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Well they caught those four, that will be hard to pay all that back


    Maybe they can just join up with another charity? :(

    I must have missed something?

    My link?

    I thought zorro meant 4 people, forgot about the charities.

    Confusion is common at a certain age. :)

    Caught four cancer charities ceo 's taking money ,have to pay it back.

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