How long do you expect to live ?

    - - -based on your past history of medical problems , or usually good health . And based on your parents' age at death and cause of death and  their general health; and do you smoke and are you overweight.?

    For example - - - - Here's my assessment of my life expectancy. I would expect to live to be about 86, if I had not had uterine cancer in ' 07.........b/c cancer tends to come back. So, my life expectancy is sqewed.(sp)

    And I developed diabetes a few years ago. But, my aunt survived colon cancer and got diabetes and still lived to be 83. She died of heart failure. So, maybe there's hope for me yet .

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    I had a brain haemorrhage 26 years ago, cancerous liver tumour 11 years ago, both my Father and his Father died at the age of 42, I'm currently 59, I love hearing the birds chirping every morning I wake up still alive and relatively healthy, every day's a bonus.


    You are healthy and have a positive outlook. You're still mentally sharp. :-)

    I try J, I try.

    You were young when you had your brain haemorrhage Roy, I had one the day after 9/11 I was 55. We are both lucky to be here, we must have done something good at sometime , or maybe he's not got a job for us up there just yet.

    Thumbs up,Sunny and Romeos. And Romos, your success at beating liver cancer shows that it's possible to beat a serious form of cancer .That should inspire a lot of people . And you've been healthy for a long time now. Glad you survived your brain hemorrhage too. :-)

    I'm insulin dependant so I'm S.O.L. on the average. Both of my siblings died before age sixty. As long as I beat them.... Both of my parents were in their 80's and a grandmother made it to 105! But she was a step.......


    You can still live to be old,even if you are on insulin. I had many patients in the nursing home , when I was an LPN, who were on insulin and were pretty old.

    How long you've had it counts. My brother, 56 years and it killed him. I've had it for 39 years.......

    Based on my previous health and my family's health,,i have got about 5 years left,,however none of that matters if God is in control..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yep, every day is a blessing and an opportunity.  My goal is 100, but being overweight, borderline diabetic, and a history of all kinds of disease in the family...who knows when I'll step off a curb and get hit by a bicycle rider.  They seem to all be colorblind regarding traffic lights.
    My mom was almost 95, a dialysis patient for 7 years, and she had triple bypass, a perforated ulcer, and pulmonary issues in her late 80's.  She brought my dad back from being attached to a feeding tube when he had complications from emergency quadruple bypass surgery at 79.  He lived until age 87; a staph infection contracted IN THE HOSPITAL killed him, but he had a number of health issues.
    My dad's younger sister is 85; his brother died at 94.  Both his parents died of issues that aren't relative to the question.
    Nine of my mom's siblings were in their 70-80's; heart issues took the other two. Grandma was 88 and Grandpa, like my other grandparents, died of "unnatural" causes.
    Most of my parents' generation had long lives; a cousin recently died at 96, and one is still quite active at 101. 

    We'll see; I am in God's hands.  


    You have longevity in your family , so you have a good outlook.
    I have to make that magic 300 before I go,

    your bowling score ?

    No, his golf score.

    What fun that will be, 12 in a row...all in the same game, of course!

    When my body is no longer useful to me I'll quit showing up to keep it going. As is, it is 70 and I haven't seen sufficient reason to let it go. Another 30+ years seems reasonable to me.   

    Well we are all on a slippery slope mcm,  let's make the most of what time we have left,and always look on the bright side of life, De dum De du  De dum De dum De dum, always look on the bright side of life. I want that song played at my funeral,  but not just yet I hope.


    Yes, Sunny, Anything could happen. And like several others said here, trust in the Lord. He's got this. He knows what he's doing.

    Slippery slope. .. :-)
    Yes, we're "on deck".

    I shall be on deck in two weeks time Bob, we're going on a boating holiday for a week,with my brother in law and his wife, we always have a great time. Unfortunately he has recently been diagnosed with myeloma (blood cancer) but I know he's making the most of life, and we are going to help him.

    I'm glad he gets to take this trip and hope it is filled with fun that makes for happy memories. My friend's sister had to cancel her long planned trip to Hawaii, as her recently diagnosed cancer is so advanced and aggressive.
    I know you'll do all you can to keep the vacation on a good track for everyone

    Thanks for those kind words Bob, so sorry to hear of your friends sister's bad news. We have to stay positive for them.

    My friend is with her now, helping her feel pretty by curling her hair and fixing awesome meals, which fill the house with wonderful smells. Sister can take a few bites, and it's making a big difference in morale for her husband and adult daughters to see Mom engaged. My friend is an angel.

    Both of my parents died in their mid eighties. Neither (especially my father) ate properly and both lived a very sedentary life style. I figure I'm good for a while especially since I'm not really convinced that our parents illnesses/lifestyles have any direct correlation to when their offspring will drop dead! I would expect that a different lifestyle should produce different results.


    That place should be closed down! :((

    Maybe just changing the name to the "Greasy Duck" would turn a lot of customers away,.

    ....84 or what the good Lord gives me

    ....I turn 70 in August

    There are on-line longevity calculators such as which will give you a fair idea of your life span.

    Every day on this side of the grass is a bonus.:)

    country bumpkin

    I will be sending you an email soon.
    terryfossil 1


    Looking forward to it CB.

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