Why do older people hate colored people?

    Why do older people hate colored people in the community?

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    i think some older people such as my own dad are racist because they grew up never knowing any black people so its fear of people they do not know.Things have changed now and i think racist views will die out.Praise God for that fact.My dad makes racist jokes to wind me up.Not funny.
    That is the silliest remark I have seen here since I arrived - Which community are you speaking of? Yours? certainly not in my community. I am 'older person' and I have nothing against colored people, black, white, yellow or chartreuse and for anyone that says something like this i can only think that they are the ones that are racist just by the fact they bring it up in the first place. We will never get past this racist bs until everyone young and old quits bringing it up. You can not keep pointing a finger and isolating one group and saying they are racist or prejudiced against another group unless you are the racist or prejudiced person yourself. You are in fact not only instigating hatred but you are instigating hatred for 'older people', and this in itself is one of the problems with people hating people-- They don't even know it.

    old meaning 80 or older

    Even then at 80+ not all in this age group is racist. My parents gone now but both in their late 80's upto the day they passed didn't have a racist bone in their body
    Your assumption is false and bigoted. I am sorry if you are offended by this but your post is offensive to 'older people'.
    do do dave

    i myself find people mellow with age,attitudes they may have had when they were younger are now more conservative(closer to what jesus would do), with this in mind the prejudice would be the younger peoples' tag
    Is white not a colour. I am in late 50s. White and coloured. I could be other colours. We are all the same. Gods Creation and equal.
    What makes you think they do?

    Racial hatred of any kind is a NO, but I don't believe it's restricted to any age-group... or any colour for that matter.

    thanks suliz. is jackel a little kid? thumbs up.
    I am surprised that anyone would even respond to this Question!
    It should have stayed in the unanswered Pile where it would
    evevtually disappear.
    We all walked out of Africa 100,000 years ago.

    I knew I was feeling a bit tired and my feet hurt, and now I know why.
    As a 79yr old "white" Aussie I coudn`t give a toss what colour some ones` skin is . I played mixed doubles tennis and my partner was a full blood Aboriginee, I called her "Blackie" and she called me "Whitey". Had its` advantages, if we were being beaten my partner would declare the tennis court a sacred site and send us off.(joke)I had mates in the Australian Army that were full blood Aboriginees and Thursday Islanders and a better bunch you could never hope to see. One said to me "You have white skin ,blue eyes, brown hair and you call me coloured" Same bloke got a slight wound and said "Hey look my blood is the same colour as yours"
    I don't and I'm old. I was born and raised in a mixed neighborhood with Japanese, blacks and whites. Went to school with them too and played with them too.
    Well swetie I am 81 years old. I do not and never have disliked or hated anyone for the color of thier skin. But I have disliked people for thier actions. My home was always opened to kids of all denominations when my children were growning up. One of my Mexican kids that came to our house wanted me to sign his report card, because his father was gong to be pissed because he flunked Spanish. LOL My oldest daughters best friend all through high school and beauty college sang with Tina Turner. I went head to head with a Santa Ana,Ca. police dept. because they accused one black boy of killing a cop. I had proof he was not any where near where it happened. He was at football practice.
    So it is kind of odd for anyone to think people of my gerneration hates black people or what ever color someone is. Just pipe it.

    Good for you MaxeyBear-- You got my vote!
    I think this is too gerneralized. I don't know what you class as old but I'm 54 and believe there is good and bad in all nationalities and there is hate from young and old. I think there is more hate in the young of today than there ever was when I was young.
    The majority of us wrinklies are very tolerant of coloured people as you will find out when you have grown up a bit.
    Do they? You're taring everyone with the same brush.



    Wrong spot
    I don't know any older people that hate colored people. Why would anyone hate a person for having different skin color. In Canada, the government tends to really hand out financial help to foreigners coming here and the natives but one can't hold that against them. If anything here, I would think like myself, it's the government that we feel the frustration towards. Even in saying that's not hate.
    as an elderly person I find this question very offencive. I and a lot of my friends love dark people and think everyone should owen one. (just kidden)
    Annie A.

    I was going to post a remark to your "offensive" racist joke(?);
    however, due to your poor grammar and spelling-- your ignorance shines through. You aren't worth what I originally wanted to express. God bless you.
    I think hate is a strong word! While there are some that do "hate" blacks, or Mexicans, or Jews, or anything that doesn't look, act or think like they do, I think it's really hate against what they represent, "diffences!" Yet there are probaly older people that have prejudice against blacks because they lived in a time that racism, hatred,and prejudice dominanted. They are afraid or fear blacks because of what their grandparents and forefathers did to blacks! Racism was a dominant factor in their upbringing, and they are just repeating what they grew up with.
    when I worked as an LPN,on the 2nd shift, which is quieter, I was the only white nurse out of 3 or 4, and they would sit around and bad mouth white people---- even to my face sometimes. I didn't dislike them , tho, b/c we had some good converstions too.
    I've known old people who always used the N word. But I think it's because that's all they ever heard , in the past, and so they were programed that way.Plus, years ago, old people didn't have much education and didn't travel very far beyond their home.
    I took care of many old people as an LPN , and lot of them never went beyond the 3rd,or 6th, or 9th grade.
    I'm not excusing them for using the N word.
    I've also heard black people refer to other black people as '' nigger''. When we went to visit our black frineds in Detroit, the man was complaining about their neighbors to my husb, and the black man said, '' They're niggers ''
    Hate has no age restrictions. I see an equal amount of hate against whites from other ethnic groups. My father at the age of 9 witnessed his entire family murdered, this took place in Russia around 1923. He was taken in by an elderly couple who a short time later "sold" him to a Portuguese fisherman with whom he stayed till he was 22 years old as a deck hand. He never harbored any ill will towards the fisherman, but hated the Russians till the day he died. He was sold into slavery by his own people.
    Because they are ignorant
    I know this may not sit well with some but it seems to me that people of color are the ones that have all the hate in them especially toward the white 's I grew up in whats known as black section of town and most of my best friends were colored there wasn't any hate between the races at least where I lived it was not until the 60's when all the racial problems developed that all of todays racial hatred began. Blacks today seem to be the bigots
    We don't.

    I am getting on in years so am qualified to answer. I know and have known many coloured people and I have liked most of them. Some, of course, are quite unlikeable but then their colour has nothing to do with it.
    Probably the same stupid reasons that some folks today do not like other people in other countries. They are taught to do so. Some have learned to feel this way. Yet, we are not born into the world, learning this way. It is something learned.

    What is learned, is passed on by those who preceeded us here. and so, older, they continue the evil of hatred.

    Let them have their hatred. I don't want to learn it! There are greater things the mind can absorb! What a limited thing to focus on!

    Your sister,
    I dont feel older people hate colored, I was rasied in Cleveland and when i was a kid there was a lot of prejudice with white power and black panthers, and Im sure some poeple still hold on to memmories that are not good, I was prejudice when growing up but now I am not, I judge a person for who he is not what color he is. I have good friends from all walks of life.
    Who says they do? I am middle aged and the only people I passionately dislike are the ones that hate me first. Hate is a wasted emotion, it doesn't do anything. People who hate have no education and therefore need to be.
    I think a certain element of it is lack of political correctness.
    Now don't get me wrong there is racism,but when I was growing up we didn't have political correctness.
    If I say someones a retard instead of mentally challenged that's a slip on my part we didn't make those distinctions growing up.

    Now I'm white so for me when I went to school it wasn't white kids that traveled in groups of 4-6 looking to find a couple white boys alone and give them a beat down.
    To this day if I see a group of black guys walking together I get my radar up.

    Now does that make me a racist I hope not.

    As i grew up I also referred to the mentally challenged as 'retarded' shorten to 'retard' it became derogatory. when we said a person was retarded we meant no disrespect for this person, the action groups turned this identifier into a non-pc slanderous remark when it simply means 'slower'. I don't use the word myself anymore as they have imposed such a guilt trip on using the word.

    As far as seeing a bunch of black guys walking down the street, I think you must be a bit more descriptive on this. Let's put this in perspective. If they are presentable, perhaps college students or even missioners, I see them i don't fear them, however, if I see a bunch of blacks in gangsta clothing, yelling MOFO and all the rest of these intimating actions, then yes, I'm a bit uncomfortable..
    also, if I saw a bunch of white guys walking down the street with rooster hairdos and goth apparel with tattoos of Satan on their foreheads, tons of metal piercings I would be a little taken by them as well.

    So its really not a racist thing, we are simply unwilling to accept some cultures that are different from our own..


    I don't like colored hair EITHER. :)

    hahe, you don't!
    we should open a thread about this ;) i don't like it either too but i'm not old :S
    ole hipster

    I'm grey as Hell but don't care and think dyed hair looks terrible when one gets older! But that's just me. (:

    ole hipster, my hair is almost pure white and I am proud of it. To me it represents 79 years on this spinning blue dot and the wealth of experience that goes with it. Grow old gracefully, so I am with you on this one.

    wow, peoplelover , 79 years!!! your a living legend :) :) :)

    Just saw your comment double helix. thank you, I rather consider myself as a legend in my own LUNCHBOX. Flying to London in a few weeks on my own so I have a lot to be pleased with.

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