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    OZ won't even let a rogue piece of wood into their country, no reason they should let Depps' dogs in either, now, if the dogs had come in a refugee boat, that would be another matter.

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    Not under this government Roy,,no more boats and no more deaths,,big difference from when the labor government was in,,lot of boats lot of deaths..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Not like us,we take any body, young people,old people, old dogs and all.

    Of course not. It's just one of New Zealand's 17 Regions.

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    Settle down Bro..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Terry, I've been meaning to ask you what the significance is of your signature ending "..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<.."
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    I have a repetitive nature due to Asperger's Syndrome,so when i start something i keep doing it,,it is a musical sequence,,should always be 7 notes a side,,let me know if you know what i mean.. dum da da dum dum dum dum .... > > > > > > >

    Interesting. How old were you when you were first diagnosed ?
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    I was about 55 when my wife read a story about a couple in their 40's,,my wife said ," well that explains a lot",,Of course i disagreed,,then i went on the hunt to find out if it was possible,,and apparently at my age it is hard to diagnose,,so i tried a few different online tests,,My first Aspie test came out 158 from second 147 from 200..both said i was very likely an Aspie,,,Always nice talking Digger,,Why are you called Digger..<<<<<<<>>>>>>>..
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    CB..I have that song,,one of the best,,he is a good that what Digger does,,,, digs up bones.>>>>>>><<<<<<..

    Let's just be glad she was only joking. Some people might actually believe her, though. I can think of a few right here who might draw that conclusion. 

    Americans do tend to idolize the entertainment industry, the ones in front of the screen. In ancient times, performers had all the fame and respect of a prostitute. 

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    He was not treated any different to anybody else,,but it has been blown out of proportion,,we do have a strong law on animals,we do not have rabies here and you guys do,,it is not something you should take a chance on,,Always nice talking Bob..>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Because he is famous, it becomes news. I apologize for tooting this horn again, but a white cop shooting a white perp, or black cop shooting a white perp, would have never drawn national media attention. You see the loose correlation. ..


    The rule is one that should be enforced everywhere. Likewise, someone without a current immunization document shouldn't be allowed on interstate or international flights, busses, trains, ships, coyote vans or rafts drifting towards a shore foreign from its departure.
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    On the money Bob..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I've asked  you Aussies for a long time if Australia is a continent , or  a country. And I haven't gotten a satisfactory answer yet   :-\

    terryfossil 1 Try this MCM,,apparently we are both,,and a bit more,,which only confuses me..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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