In honor of Mothers Day - - --What did you learn from your mother ?

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    Oh, many, many things but what comes to mind is I know how to cook......


    It's fun to watch your mom cook or bake when you're little.

    Mom never left a mess in the kitchen. Even if they entertained 100 people, there wasn't a dirty dish, pot, or spoon when she went to bed.


    Ya know, I was raised in the restaurant business, my mom was the same, do one job, clean up from that job and move on to the next job. Where the kitchen was always spotless, I can not say the same about her! LOL! She was a mess! Apron with tomato sauce all over it, she sometimes looked like she was the star of a horror movie. But when you are cooking for night of 3to400 people, messy aprons will happen, but no excuse for messy kitchen. I am not that way, messes follow me wherever I go. My mom gave up on me.

    The mess on the apron was evidence the food will be amazing!
    I clean as I go, but think less anality might lend itself to better food.

    my mom always cleaned up everything and wore an apron too. I wear an apron, if I'm a little dressed up ,like for church, and I'm eating something that could ruin my outfit if dropped on it.

    Same here. My mother would have to wash a cup before she went to bed, rather than leave it in the sink overnight. A little extreme I think.

    To be humble.


    Hi Flip ! Haven't seen you for awhile.

    Love many.Trust few.Always paddle your own canoe.


    that's cool, tommy .

    Actually my mother in law's favourite sayig.

    Good one!

    I learned how to duck a flying shoe, avoid a swinging broom and how to keep my mouth shut during conversations that do not concern me.  And some that do concern me.   I miss my mom! :(


    I liked it last year when you said your mom could bank a shot of a flying shoe around a corner at you --- LOL
    I miss my mom very much :'-(

    My mom was a sweetheart, she had no enemies. I posted her pic yesterday (mothers day) on Facebook like everyone else, it was amazing the people that came out to greet her with kind words. You only have two parents, enjoy their company, they won't be with you forever. Unfortunately, you don't know just how much you love them until they are gone. I suggest everyone that has living parents to tell them now, don't wait until they are gone.

    I started winning fights in the street,,my mother's advice to me"remember there is always somebody better than you".She was wrong, there was a heck of a lot more than one better than me..<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>..

    patience & creativity & fairness to all involved.


    What a great gal she must be .

    My mother taught me more about trust and love than she realized. I love my mother and father. My home life was happy. I left when I had no other option but she could not comprehend why I felt so compelled to go.  


    and why did you buck the law ?

    That's in my book, and that will not be completed for a while. I was thinking about a public version translated into some fictional form that wouldn't embarrass anyone...transliterating events etc. Laws are only absolute in a dictatorship. So if you must "buck the law" then leaving is one of several options. All my choices are made on the basis of cost and benefit.


    I learned to be a better mother to my child than my mother  was to her children. Most of the things she did wrong to my brother and myself while growing up stayed ingrained in the back of my mind so when I became a mother I was determined not to walk in her footsteps. In hind sight, I guess she taught me a lot.

    She told me to walk with my feet pointed straight out in front of me, instead of pointed to each side....(are you ready?)...."like a Duck".

    Rather prophetic wasn't it?           lol

    Never beat your kids ! Or anyone for that matter .... !

    My mother taught me many things and first thing which comes to my mind is simplicity.

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