There is "no crime on the books that fits the conduct." CRAZY, right? Hopefully, now legislation will be passed to make it one;

    but as everyone knows, "the law is an a**", which is reason enough to believe it might not pass. Seems like a "no brainer" to me, however.

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    Wouldn't get away with that in the UK, "developmentally" challenged people are protected and cared for, although there are still cases that dupe the system, this shouldn't happen to anyone.

    Complex. To what extent is the boy's infirmary?  Sounds like to me that a few (three makes a few) boys came up with a funny idea. All it takes is agreement. Dangerous, yes and the kid should have taken off the pump but not doing so would not have killed him. Mommy is getting all worked up over nothing. Her boy is making decisions w/o her......

    Autistic doesn't mean stupid. Jumping off a bridge into frigid water is stupid.

    The pair should be thrown from a bridge into frigid water.

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