Britian Election   i was not aware the SNP supported the labor party,,and what happened to the UKIP party,i thought UKIP was the next big thing,,Either way the conservatives seem to be proving poll wrong..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    Don't know where you got the idea that the SNP supported the labour party Terry, the SNP offered to prop them up if there was to be a hung parliament, which the labour party rejected, this was probably the reason labour were wiped out in Scotland and the SNP created political history by winning every seat bar one in Scotland, unfortunately it seems the English voters have decided they prefer David Camerons' party to UKIP, we will have to suffer another 5 years of conservative government but the SNP will have a big say in anything they try to do to Scotland.


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    G'day Roy,,i assumed the SNP was supporting the labor coalition from the link i put on my post,on the graph it shows the SNP being counted with the overall count with labor,it looks like UKIP might get 1 seat,,The SNP have gained 50 seats,,that's a massive win..your Cons and Labor is the same as our Liberal and labor,,the understanding in Aussie is Liberal saves the money and Labor spends the money,,are your mob similar to us.??????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Ye Terry, Labour spends and Conservative "save" here, their savings come from stealing from the poor to give to the rich, but, the "English" seem to like them a lot more than any other country in the UK, probably because that's where Margaret Thatcher left all the decent industry and jobs so 3/4 of the wealth goes to one nation, fortunately the SNP will have a huge voice in this coming parliament, I await the arguments with excitement, it's gonna be interesting.
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    Hey Roy,Do not feel to bad mate,,apparently an Aussie helped Cameron win the election,,he also helped our ex prime minister win a record 4 elections..(John Howard)..Cameron payed the "wizard of Oz" 500,000 pounds a year,"Lynton Crosby"Looks like the Scots and Aussies are closer than ever for better or worse,,All the best mate..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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