Did the same thing or something similar ever. Today, while waiting for the bus, someone asked me for directions.

    (ever happen to you?) I knew where he was going and gave him directions without hesitation. After that, within sight and earshot of me, he asked several other people the same thing. He was not part of a news crew and didn't appear to be part of a news crew. I know that there are more important things in life, but I was really annoyed. How did you feel or how do you think you would you feel in the same situation? I was really annoyed!

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    I would just assume that the person was incapacitated in some respect....mentally challenged, drugged, drunk, suffering from memory loss, etc.


    Possible. With you asking me in Canada, how to get to Florida, and all I say is "Fly south", that might not be specific enough. In that case, I wouldn't be annoyed.

    What if I said, "But I don't have a plane"? :)

    Then I'd say, "Just wing it!"

    As Ducky said, or, maybe your explanation of giving directions was too complex for him to understand.

    It would annoy me very much, too, Clonge.  My directions are usually logical, clear, detailed enough (landmarks, for example), etc. I would be tempted to ask the guy if he didn't believe me, or didn't understand me....but probably would just mumble about him being a jerk.

    I think the fellow just wanted different avenues (no pun intended) to work with, to decide which route he preferred. Simple as that. Don’t take it so personal, it’s not like he was a shark!


    I won't, but if it happens again, I'll tell him to walk to the corner and make 4 rights!

    It sounds like when my late husb used to ask only men at his family party in Ohio how to take an alternate route home, when I had just told him what route we're going to take !  .........b/c I had looked at the map and planned out our route b/c of construction .And I had more experience than his family did of driving back and forth from Ohio to Michigan b/c I had done it more than they did.

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