Another mother "steps up", like Baltimore mother Toya Graham. This one is in Georgia.  Check out that kid's face. LOL!

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    An up stepping mom? Curious. My mom was the first to choose me as the gang leader when a group of us got in trouble. Believed I started it, ruled it, was lord, was the thinker.  Me! I always got the blame regardless……...

    terryfossil 1

    You never done anything wrong JH..??????..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    You are the brains, tho...

    Clonge,priceless,,Do you notice we are seeing  more video's of black people taking the long handle to save their kids from a bad lifestyle,,,MUMS RULE..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..


    These are the only 2 I've seen. Unfortunately, how many have actually been captured by the media?,Think of the circumstances that happened here: The mother had to have been watching a t.v that was turned on, and onto a channel that was covering the riot. She had to recognize her son by what he was wearing. The camera had to focus long enough for her to see him (and for her to not even lose sight of the screen for that very short period (a sneeze could've done it) and in the act and to even focus in on the area where he was, when there was chaos all around him.
    terryfossil 1

    AAAAHH,you of little faith Clonge...>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    This was a setup, so the photo ops were there. To put this on your Facebook page can make Sean an object of derision, fueling an anger that could have a tragic outcome in years to come.

    Teaching a lesson learned is commendable. Humiliating a 10-year old on a world-wide network isn't teaching the right lesson, in my opinion.

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