This is a sensitive subject, but are you pro or con abortion ?

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    It's a woman's right to choose. Men's opinions are irrelevant.

    What if the man is the father and wants the baby to be born?

    Then he needs to do two things, marry the woman before he gets her pregnant and make sure she wants to have kids. A third option, learn how to carry and give birth to a child himself.

    A big problem has become girls (not women) who want to just have a baby and don't care if the father is involved or not. The father might want to be a father and dad but not a husband or boyfriend. These girls can't think past their own noses. Being a parent is a privilege, responsibility, and commitment. Sometimes the father is a better choice for primary care and custody.
    Stuff like this has no hard and fast rules...and the child is often a pawn.

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    “I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”


    And some people should have been aborted. Hitler comes to mind. All those radical islamics slaughtering Christians, yup, more beings that should have been aborted. I'm sure God can pick another body for a soul that needs one if the one it could have stepped into gets destroyed. I tend to give God more power than most religions give Him.

    I believe there are maybe 1 or 2 reasons for abortion,,but none of them are"I just don't want it"..the guidelines for abortion have been very blurred over the years..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I am totally against abortion,  no matter how small it's  a life, and its not our place to decide to destroy it.

    I believe it's the womans right to choose, no one elses!


    What about the baby's rights ? He/ she is a human being too !

    If aborted early enough I don't believe so, personal opinion.

    Abortion only for rape, incest,life of mother and /or fetus at stake.

    Abortion. I’m neither pro or con. I just believe in woman’s rights to do whatever with her own body. I’m prochoice……..


    are you pro the babies' rights ?

    OK, miss right sider. Think and decide at just as which point the bacy can decide. When do they have thought, I've always heard that pain is a learned situation. Oh,NCM, sounds like you've already made up mind, Never mind our own. Why ask a question that you've decided yes or no to already? Don't ask anything that you think you know the answer true and then comment away as to what they are. Akaqa is a non-JUDGEMENTAL site. Express your own if you must but keep the spurs in and be fair. Give a tu more often to be fair....

    Pro, for a number of reasons, and feel those who terrorize abortion clinics and personnel under the guise of freedom of assembly bear an uncanny resemblance to the rioters in, oh where is it this week...Baltimore.

    i don't believe any female really wants an abortion. usually bad circumstances. however, it is not the politician's business. it's the female involved. politicians are letting the world slide down the tube worrying about a woman, her demands and her body. their time would be better utilized worrying about climate change, fracking, which scientist are saying causes earthquakes, called man made earthquakes, building bridges back up, 4,000 in the united states need repair.  how to get peace in this out of control world. retrain the people's mind sets. please people in power grow up and leave inside a women's body to the woman who has to decide what she's gonna do with her situation. by the way, i don't see everybody rushing out to send money to all these countries around the world that have thousands of babies and children dying of disease and starvation everyday. "what a woman should do" seems like a argument to distract people from the real societal challenges that truly need to be addressed. as wendy says "how you doin?"


    You're right, Tabber. I have friends who have gotten an abortion. No one likes it. Just like no one likes divorce, but sometimes it's necessary .

    Ditto, Tab, a good general answer.

    I believe it is a personal choice.

    My ex. had an abortion, she had it done because she was pregnant from an affair she was having, she had it to cover her tracks. bigger fool me.

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