Do women or men make better bosses?

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    I've had both. It depends on the training and personality of the persons placed into those leadership positions. The worst kind of boss, in my opinion, is the one who thrives on "being the boss" and letting the employees know that everyday.

    Train me and then get out of my way and let me do the job! (No micro-managing please.)

    100% men,,Clonge,,most of my jobs have been run by men and fairly well,,i worked 17 years for Coles,towards the end of those 17 years,the top 5 bosses became women,,majority of the workers there are men,,bit by bit the happiness of people were gone,long term workers started getting sacked for very trivial matters,and that went for both men and women,,they were not open to discussion,since i left 2 of the 5 have been sacked by the number 1 boss,,i believe they will eventually fall out with each other,,however a lot of damage has already been done by them,,the place will still survive,,but without a lot of people who did not deserve to lose their jobs..So yes,my vote is with men bosses..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..


    Any idea(s) why there are no male moderators here?
    terryfossil 1

    Now there is a question Clonge..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Here is one idea. At least two males on aka, have in fact, been asked. You would have to ask them, why they turned it down. Maybe they'll come forth and let you know.

    Men!. In both of my careers, I have worked with mostly women . And they are petty and competitive and gossipy. They'll report you to the supervisor for some trivial thing and blow it up out of proportion. When t here are men and women both in an environment, the women are happier. but, they'll still treat the  male employees better than YOU , if you're a woman.

    We have a woman where I work part time, she has assumed  the role of boss when the boss is not there,  I just let her get on with it, she doesn't know enough about the job to do that , so we just wait  for her to fall.

    Mind you, the best Prime Minister we ever had over here was a women. 


    South East UK opinion of course, I actually thought of TDing you Dave.

    I knew you wouldn't agree Roy, we have to agree to differ. That's democracy, , I respect your opinion.

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