Do you watch '' Ghost Whisperer " ?

    It's pretty well done. Seems like I asked that 3 years ago when akaqa was something new. And somebody, I think was itsmee, said her husb watches it all the time.

    How do you like the show, even tho' it's a bit passe'  ?

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    I watch the show now. I can't believe I missed a good show during its run. Very interesting!

    I now also watch,  "Dead Like Me" another TV show I missed during its run.


    Best Answer, Chelleanne. You know good drama when you see it. Come back more often, although we know you're busy with your kids.

    Great show. My grandfather and I liked to watch it together. We were both disappointed when it was cancelled.

    Can’t say I’ve ever was aware of such a show. Is it on now? What is it opposite of?


    depends on which cable system you have

    Shhh...I wont say it to loud but NO..!

    Have never seen it MCM,but i have heard of it,,>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..

    Neither 3 years ago, nor today have I watched Ghost Whisperers.

    isn't a poltergeist type show ready to air this June, with that title? Same thing, or something different? 

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