Have you ever donated blood..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    I use too, now i donate Platelets and Plasma, the least i can do for my fellow man being treated with Chemo.

    Yes. Many times.


    Got my gold award for 50 pints before being stopped from donating because I'd had a major operation, one of the silly rules they have here in the UK.

    terryfossil 1

    I have never donated willingly,however i did attempt to give about 10 years ago,i answered their questionnaire to truthfully,i ticked the box that said "have you ever used drugs via injection".i did not think it would matter as it was over 30 years ago..they apologized and said it is and old rule they have never changed,,so i had a dummy spit and never returned,,similar to one of your "silly rules" Roy.>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..



    Any reason why not?

    yes! My blood is universal donor. o-


    Mine is red. :)
    country bumpkin

    So is mine, red and o-.

     I've come close to passing out a few times because I don't like needles or the  sight of blood,but knowing I may be saving a life makes it worth the temporary inconvenience.

    terryfossil 1

    Just look upon blood as tomatoe sauce CB..<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>..
    country bumpkin

    It is my favorite colour. :)

    Always wanted to and I'm a rare type but as a diabetic, they won't take it from me......

    country bumpkin

    My grandfather is a diabetic and he's donated blood for decades. I wonder why the rules are different being you both live in Texas.

    I was diagnosed anemic and I wasn't allowed.

    Oh hell ya but most times not intentionally ...hard living on clay street...!


    It happens..!

    Over two gallons now. A lot of years.

    terryfossil 1

    Hope you are making it quicker than your giving it Zorro..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I can't donate, my blood is tainted with some dumb desease I got when I was a kid.   But I donate to myself when I have surgery.

    terryfossil 1

    Hopefully not to many surgery's Vinny..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    2007 I donated 2 pints to myself for surgery, I used 4 pints, most of which went on the sheets and floor. No surgery since then. None expected either. If they say I do, I just won't show up.
    terryfossil 1

    You don't turn up for surgery Vinny,,your in a worse place,,All the best mate..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    this is good habit in community.

    terryfossil 1

    Sounds good mate,,you choose your name from the cricketer.. Wicket keeper Brad Haddin...

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