Do you like summer?

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    I find beauty in all 4 seasons, but spring and summer are my two favorites.  I know spring has arrived when the birds wake me up in the mornings with their chirpy chirp chirping. Watching the grass dancing to a gentle breeze, seeing the trees dressing themselves in leaves and the plants and flowers blooming in  rainbow-like glory, homemade lemonade and limeade, the smell of fresh cut grass, cooking food outside on the grill, garage sales, lying on a blanket underneath the stars, sun shiny days and soaking up some vitamin D are a few reason why I love spring and summer.



    You know you miss you real home in tarzan country. You owe it to him to bring him back to west texas.
    country bumpkin

    West Texas is worth a visit only. :)

    CB,What are the winters like in Merry Ole Scotland ? How did you experience the 4 seasons in Texas, when you don't have winter there. ?

    10. Movies and concerts in the park
      9. Festivals
      8. Sitting outside and reading a good book
      7. Gardening*
      6. Eating watermelon and corn on the cob
      5. Going to the pool
      4. Having a picnic
      3. Driving with my windows open and a great song on the radio
      2. Outdoor parties and BBQs with family and friends
      1. Spending time with our grandchildren, now that school is out!

    country bumpkin

    I was going to buy corn on the cob last night because we're having ribs Friday, but the shop was out of them. Boo Hoo! I love watermelon in the summertime.

    A bit early for corn on the cob i thinks, but ribs never go out of season just ask Adam..

    Yes I like summer, it's not summer here yet though, it's spring  and very nice it is too.

    There is no other season worth talking about,Without it i lose my tan..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""


    getting a tan supposedly leads to skin cancer, Terry .
    terryfossil 1

    I was born with a tan MCM,i just darken it a little,,as for "leads to skin cancer",,my understanding and belief,you can cover up all you like,,if you are susceptible to it ,,it aint gonna matter,,in other words,there are some people who get skin cancer who never go out in the sun,,and if you live in Aussie you gotta like the sun..they do not call us SUNBRONZED AUSSIES for nothing..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Love it, don't have to guess what to wear. "Cold fronts" mean rain. There is the whole vitamin D thing. One can go barefoot. Ice cream has a purpose......

    love it, particularly if not too hot. i like 65 to 75 degrees.

    Yes I like it. Temperatures in the mid 70's with a little breeze and no humidity, suits me just fine. We're still waiting for it.....very cold spring so far. 

    It's  not my favorite time of year, but when a vacation or serious self-improvement efforts are made. 

    WE love summer here in Michigan, as long as it's not too hot and humid like it was in the past.  We go thru a long, depressing winter. That's why we love summer. Can't wait to get out on my bicycle and  ' 83 Moped. But, I want to ditch the Moped and get some kind of an electric motor scooter.........kinda like an old Vespa, only new.   Today ( April 21st ) it was cold and snowed a little 2 X  . bummer !

    10. mosquitos

    9. flies

    8. bugs on windshield

    7. rattlesnakes

    6. tornadoes

    5. bad tv shows

    4. no football

    3. mowing weeds

    2. sweating

    1. hot temperatures

    So no not really happy about summer




    GO Texas........LOL.

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