The 3 happiest days of your life. If you've had that many, what were they?

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    Giving birth to my son, spending the first 3 days and 10 years with him………...

    Friday, Saturday, Sunday mornings, waking up alive and well any morning of the week always gives me a thrill.


    Me too. Any day I wake up without cancer, since I already had it once.
    terryfossil 1

    A surprise a day Roy,,how do you survive such excitment ..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    1/ The day Venny and i got married,2/ the day i received Christ into my life and got and remained sober to this day, 3/the day the cricket team i played for won it's first Premiership ..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..


    Congratulations, Terry, on all 3 .

    starting from my childhood on up  - - -

    1. when I learned to ride a 26'' bike when I was only 6.

    2. when I learned to dive off a board into the deep end of a pool-- when I was about 9 or 10 .

    3. the day I got married.

    The birth of my second child was a very happy day...not the shock of the first being premature, nor the controlled situation of induced labor.

    One day, senior year in high school, a boy I had a gi-normous crush on ditched school with me.

    The day I bowled a 700+ series also stands out.

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