Do you have any "hidden" talent(s)? If so, what?

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    terryfossil 1

    I suppose you would call this hidden,,i used to play cricket,and i was a pace i got older it became harder to bowl pace,,then i found my hidden talent,,i found i could bowl Leg spin without actually learning that's a hidden talent,,pity i could not have found it earlier..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

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    Well, as a child I would lay a pogo stick on the ground and with my hands behind my back lift it up, get on, and pogo down the street (still w/o hands)......

    terryfossil 1

    I wanna see pictures of that JH..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Okay Clonge,,this has got to be a trick question,,if i had a hidden talent i would not know what it is because it is HIDDEN,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I am very good at impersonating people. I've done it for 2 years in a row in my church talent show ; and a matter of fact, that talent show is coming up tomorrow !> > > > on 4-17-15 .  The first time, I did Minnie Pearl. The 2nd time, Phyllis Diller.  The crowd laughed their guts out. I wore the get-up too.  Tomorrow night, I'm doing Rosanne Barr.


    Reminds me of a funny line by Minnie. She was asked why she doesn't want any male pall bearers at her funeral. She said that if they didn't take her out while she was alive, then she doesn't want them carrying her out when she's dead!

    great talent!!!

    Clonge, that's funny. I'll put that in my monolog next time. Thx.

    Yes I do! And that's why they remain hidden.I've got enough to do around here without advertising,Thank You very much!

    My son thinks I can't nurture flowers or vegetable plants to grow. My hidden talent is that I most certainly can! It's hidden since my son hasn't figured out the truth.

    hidden talent of . . . can't tell.

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