I hears on the radio today, that on average, 50,000 vehicles in the U.S. pass school buses that are taking on...

    and dropping off students, with their lights flashing, in violation of the law, and on every school day. Does this amount surprise you? (heard)

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    Pisses Me Off!!! Drives Me Nuts!!! I Can't Stand It!!! I Hate It!!! I Abhor It!!! It Disgusts Me!!!

    Most of our busses have stop signs that swing out when they are stopped. I would guess this helps......


    Doesn't seem to....with lights and signs flashing everywhere, I actually had a car pull out around me one day, when I was STOPPED FOR A SCHOOL BUS! Several drivers blasted their horns at him. Some people are just mindless idiots!!!!


    That's what I said....scared me to death. I thought I might see a kid get hit, right in front of my eyes. :((

    jh, Ours have that too. Not to many drivers around here pass buses that have their red lights flashing and have the stop sign swung out where they can see it.

    It does not surprise me. In my area here in Canada, our school buses having flashing lights AND flashing stop signs and still, drivers have been known to go around them (if they are driving behind the bus) or if they are in the opposite lane (heading toward the bus), they just keep driving.

    It seems to be taking a long time for the message to get out, even though it is a simple one. "A school bus with flashing lights means that ALL traffic, going both ways, MUST stop!"

    Doesn't happen in the UK, we have super lollipop people taking care of it..........



    We have these too....crossing guards for kids walking to school. They are no help to the buses that are driving all over the city and into the rural areas.

    All traffic has to stop when they are on the ball, it's law here.

    Same here. What I'm saying is, school buses travel miles and miles and miles. Crossing guards cannot be at every stop all over the city and out into the country (where school buses drop kids off). Crossing guards are in school areas only.

    You don't have them on long distance buses then?
    Started here in the sixties, plus all buses must stop at designated stops, no traffic allowed near bus lanes, of course you always get the occasional idiot but child fatalities are very rare here.

    Crossing guards are only located near the school, as kids are arriving and leaving on foot. Your system sounds much more efficient. I'm surprised that there aren't more kids killed here, while getting on and off the buses.

    It is dismaying. Kids are our future.

    If the red lights are flashing, I always stop. If not, I'm slowing down anyway and giving the area wide berth.

    Lollipop lady Lois Jones has called it a day after 10 years.    @Roy,we got the same here mate,,she closed the door after 10 years,,

    Downright sickning indeed..perhaps they should arm these buses with cameras just to catch these perps on film and yank their licenses away..after all the cops can't be everywhere !

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