Beware! It really does happen!

    I got a call from the I.R.S. telling me I still owed money. Poor guy didn't have a chance with me. The I.R.S. DOES NOT CALL ANYONE. They handle disputes through the mail......

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    POSTSCRIPT: They called again today. I listened, asked questions and then said his English wasn't good enough to be calling for the IRS. He hung up on me!

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    Good posting jh.

    We in Canada, are also receiving telephone calls and emails that are supposedly from our tax collector (Canada Revenue). "You owe money and you need to send it right away to avoid further fines". They are, of course, phoney messages and should be ignored!

    Thanks for the info JH,,whatever happens over there usually happens in Aussie a bit later on..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I got that call too--  I worked the guy over, I didn't get to say all that was on my mind because he hung up on me.   They are spamming with phone calls, emails, anyway they can get to you.

    On the other hand, the IRS is a scam too!  They rip us  off year after year.  Then knowing what they do with our money really P***es me off! 

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    Thx for letting us know, jh .

    Good for you. Did good. Do you still have phone number . I would like to have it and return the idea to them. I really enjoy conning the conartists. Boring lately nobody trying me. Last one was Texas sheriffs association. 


    Texas sheriff's association isn't real? Well, I'll be. Just always told them I'm broke

    We've had something like that too. It was "Canadian Police Association" or some such thing. No connection to police, raising for disabled children. How low can you go?

    Good for you Julie.

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