why,oh why,oh why. My Wife..

    Why is my wife called my partner,,i am proud to call her my wife,,the word partner in this day and age,generally means living together or gay and lesbian,,so when people say to me "what is your partners name" i will always say,"my wife's name is Venny".Is this just a changing of the times..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

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    I think they say partner so as not to offend people who are just living together . They don't want to take it for granted that some couple is married, b/c they've been burned before when referring to some man's wife or some woman's husb at a party or something.

    .... I am proud of my wife of 44 years.

    .... I also refer to her as the queen .


    As it should be. :) <3<3

    It is very interesting isn't it? People often use the word 'partner' when making inquiries about a relationship. It is due to people just living together or gay couples. It's equally as interesting when people are living together and NOT married (by choice) but refer to their husband/wife and all of their in-laws as though they ARE married. I'm tellin' ya' folks, I walk around every day soooooooooo confused.  lol


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    I am with you Quacker..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I had a "Partner" for 3 years once,but I wasn't married to him and I'm not gay.The language is changing. :)

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    Yeah mate,the times they are a changing,,however i shall try to slow up the changing times as much as i can..All the best Tom..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Leave it to Tommy. LOL!!!

    But the main important is why you married her. Answer to my wife is  F E P.  Future earning potential.


    I don't know why it copied this so much.
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    When we were married Zorro,,She had or owned nothing and i was a recovering skid row alcoholic,,so our marriage had nothing to do with money..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<.

    I think it's flattering to be referred to as a partner. Means you are considered an equal. To be called just a wife sounds like furniture, something owned or lesser of oneself......l


    "THE wife" sounds like furniture for sure. I always wonder why not MY wife.
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    You might notice i call Venny MY WIFE in my question..and i would never call her or any other wife "furniture"

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