I feel that the Boston Marathon bomber should get the death penalty. Do you?

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     The death penalty is an appropriate punishment for such a heinous crime.


    Yes it is.

    In this circumstance, YES!

    I want the death penalty for him but I believe nomdeplume is correct about martyrs!  I think maybe a space ship should take these violent criminals on a one way trip to deep space.


    No, the Alaskan mafia way is better. Put on iceberg.

    There is no appropriate punishment that decent humanity will accept.Oh!...I could think of a thousand ways to punish him but decency prohibits these methods.I think let the bastard live out his days in solitary without privelidges.

    Muslims love martyrs so don't kill this guy, lock him up for life.

    Peel his skin and roll him in salt. Pick his scabs. Dip him in rubbing alcohol. THEN life as long as that won’t be………….

    terryfossil 1

    JH, you certainly know how to torture someone..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Perhaps he could have a bomb explode in his jail cell...


    With a lot of nails and BB's and not kill him. Three week wait for morphine.......

    I would have a hard time condemning someone to death, morally, and I can't stand the thought of taxpayers supporting convicted, condemned murderers for life. A life prisoner should not have television and movie nights, opportunities to educate or marry.
    Food, Clothing, Shelter. They took the opportunities from other (s); their lives should be stark and without distraction...perhaps a library. Nothing else.

    No, life in prison for him,,he will suffer in life and then he will suffer after death,,,a fair sentence..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I think he should have been left in the boat to bleed out.


    flip, that would be too kind in prison will be much worse..jailhouse justice they call it !


    Very lenient coming from a Bostonian, you do realise he will be kept in solitary to protect his "human rights", and probably be given special treatment by the relevant authorities?

    Yes Definitely. 

    My answer is yes. But, probably life in prison would be a worse fate than death.


    You're not on the fence then?



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