Why do men talk about sports all the time when they get together ?

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    When people get together (men or women), they discuss their common interests. That's usually what brings them together in the first place. I am interested in hockey and golf, so I get involved in those discussions.

    Personally, I can't recall EVER having a discussion about "hair-dos, fashion or shopping". I might say to another woman, "nice outfit" but that's the extent of it. Then, "Did you golf last week?" or "What did you think of that hockey game last Saturday?"

    Sorry to blow the stereotypical opinions. (No, not really sorry.  :)


    Go Red Wings !!!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Would you prefer they talk about Wives or their kids or their mother in law,i personally do not like blokes that talk about their wives,,Maybe because it is a safe ground discussion,,Blokes naturally compete,,maybe it is the Testosterone,,it is the stuff that puts us apart from women,,or maybe it started way back when the men were gatherers and hunters,,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<


    Good answer. Good Video. Go Lions !!!
    terryfossil 1

    Who are the lions MCM..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    That looks like the New York Redskins,,and Washington Bears,,Terry,
    terryfossil 1

    I would not have a clue Hec,,but i do like number 21 getting buried,but it looks like a free shot from number 25.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Same reason that women talk about hair-do's, fashion, shopping, and similar subjects that interest them.

    I don't notice much of the conversation, only the 4 eyes, 4 nostrils with 2 nose tips and a double set of lips.


    So you've seen the Loch Ness monster then cb.
    country bumpkin

    That's it! LOL

    women play sports too, but they don't talk about it that much

    terryfossil 1

    Your walking on soft ice there Brad,,you might upset the girls here..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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