What was the scariest movie you've ever seen ?

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    terryfossil 1

    Wolf Creek..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

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    The Exorcist!!!!!!!!!



    0-0-0-0-0 .......yeah !!
    Rosemary's baby was bizarre and scary too !

    This one made me laugh some body parts off !!!
    I think something was in the punch that day! LOL
    terryfossil 1

    To be honest, i have never seen it..but i do know of it,,>>>>>>><<<<<<

    I was lucky enough to see the press release of the EXORCIST, nobody had seen the movie before so we had no idea how disturbing it was, my ex had nightmares for weeks, in today terms it is old hat.:)

    In it's hay day it was THE OMEN. I didn't feed my large dog for 3 days after that and then, never at night........


    Was the Omen about a dog ?

    There was a giant Mastive in it, evil

    Scary movies featuring demon dogs always freak my freak!!!

    I don't like movies that portray children as being demonic.

    The demons had to start somewhere......

    Besides my family reunion.the Ammityville Horror ! 


    Daren, LMBO :-D


    Jaws i guess,,when i was younger,,it does not seem as scary now,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<


    The movie may not be as scary, but jaws is still lurking along the Aussie coastline do da do da do da . lol.
    terryfossil 1

    I live inland Bullet..but then am i safe from "sharknado"

    I literally jumped out of my seat the first time the shark surfaced

    The Exorcist and The Blair Witch Project.


    LOL.I thought Exodus was a strange choice.

    I didn't realize until I saw your spelling.LOL

    This one scared me silly ... still silly now because of it!!


    terryfossil 1

    Scared me looking at the photo Lindi...Thanks for the nightmares,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.

    Something about Stephen King stories, pretty scary stuff, even to read.

    I saw it long after I read the book so, a lot of it had to be recalled. One thing I definitely remember IS the ending in each one NOT matching up......

    "Fatal Attraction". Not only did the movie scare me, but I was also scared to go home and tell my wife what I did...just kidding. 


    Yes, Fatal Attraction was disturbing......especially the part about the rabbit. And where she popped up out of the bathtub when you thought she was dead.

    "Glitch with the system"? I think the glitch is called impatience. I regularly delete your second and third answers. Click ONCE and let it post. It sometimes takes 30 seconds or so.

    When i was little Dracular scared me pretty good, especially when i'm looking at him and his image was not in the mirror he as standing in front of.


    Tab, that scares me just reading about it, and it's dark and I have to go to bed scared !!! ;-)

    mycatsmom and that's not the worst part for me on dracular. when me and my siblings were watching the movie oracular, it was a black and white movie, however, when they put the dagger went through his heart the movie turned color as the blood came out. my lip swol up immediately. since then, i try to stay out of dracular's way.

    Dracula scared me, too!

    Stephen King's 'IT', one disturbing movie. :)


    bullet, what was IT about ? 25 words or less......

    It's about kids who battle a clown which looks very much like 'Ronald McDonald' except this clown abducts little kids who are never seen again, a group of teenagers think they got rid of the clown, only to resurface 30 years later up to his tricks again, hire the dvd, but don't watch it alone, Stephen King at his best. :)

    Mycatsmom, watch Pet Semetary as well, you will like it, turn the lights off. he he he.:)

    SAW movies are very disturbing. 

    "The Thing". The original version.I think I was about 6 when I saw it.


    I agree Tom, the original with Steve McQueen is a Classic.

    LOL Kent, The original was the 1951 version. I think Steve was still dreaming of being a movie star at that stage.

    Tom, i did not know there was a version before Steve McQueen, i knew there was a later version after , oops i am completely off track, it was 'The Blob' i was thinking of. LOL.

    I've seen a lot of scary movies, but the one which freaked me out the most was a small seen in a movie which I have no idea the name of the movie. I accompanied my aunts to watch a movie in the late 70's. All I remember is an actress with short dark hair lying in  bed  when her satin sheets begin to sway across her half naked body. LOL    Anyone recognize the movie?

    Wasn't anybody freaked out by " The Shining " or  " Halloween "  or " Murder on what do ya call it Elm Street " ?

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