what is the name of the next person i will date?

    so there is a boy i like at school but im not going to tell you his name quite yet. But it does start with the letter J. I have noticed that i have taken interest in boys that names start with the letter J. Lol but anyways, I really like this boy and he knows i like him. But i have herd that he likes this other girl and he had said it him self in his but that was 5 months ago, so i figured he was over her. But apprently not because i over herd from some of his friend the other day talking about how he wanted to go out with her. Norrmally i would just say forget it and move on, but theres just something about him that i really like, almost as if we were destined,, but lol i mean how many girls in the world have said that about their crush, lol exsactly like a billion. AND another reason why i dont exsactly want to just drop him is because he's constantly lookin at me in a flirty ways and everytime i catch him looking at me, he looks away really fast and its like he want to talk to me but is a little scared. Overall i really dont kno how he's feeling. I just want to find out so i can stop wasting my time even though i probably will be a little hurt honestly if he picks her and they start dating. but hey atleast i will no longer be wasting my time and i just might find someone new and i will relize he wasnt all i thought he was.

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    If you like boys who names start with J, then you should watch , " 19 kids and counting "

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    Oh, the trials and tribulations of youth. It's been 45 years since I've gone through this, I don't envy you. Keep your head up and face the music, let the chips fall where they may......

    His name starts with the letter J! Have you ever looked up the meaning of Jaded???

    I know this is going to sound a lot Fuddy Duddy,,is it possible you could have this conversation with Mum or Dad,?????,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<


    He wants to have his cake and eat it too. That means he wants to go after the other girl, but he flirts with you too, b/c it's fun, and he wants to have all his bases covered in case the other relationship flops.

    Play hard to get for a while.Flirt with other boys.See if that changes his attitude.


    good answer , Tom !

    Donald Trump.

    I heard....uh...I mean herd, that his name will be John or Jack or Jared or Jorge or Jim. Keep your eyes open and good luck.

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