How long has your longest friendship lasted?

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    Sixty years. I am 73 and she and I met in elementary school when we were 13. We've lived in different cities for many years but had an hour long chat on the telephone just last Christmas. We also communicate by email.

    The friendship started when we discovered that we both loved boys and both hated gym class!          :)


    Very touching. Most marriages don't last anywhere near that!

    I know. As young adults, we even lived together for a couple of years and were still speaking after that. :)

    Forever,you never know how long, only ONE!!!


    Best or longest?  Phyllis I've known since joining akaqa and she tops the list, Melanie and I grew up together and never lost touch.....

    This may sound strange,,but there is no one i would call a long lasting friend,,there are people i would call acquaintances,they are people i know, that if i meet them in the street i would stop and say gidday,,i may see them again or not,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    mostly my brothers and sisters are my best friends. after 7 siblings and staying in touch with them, it's hard, time wise, to keep in touch with too many other people. but i do have several good friends that i really like and see them occasionally.

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