When is the last time time you have gone on a vacation?

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    What's a vacation ?

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    Aside to the bus trip to the Texas coast last Dec (don't ever go by bus), I flew to CA to meet and stay with bob/pkb. A great trip!!!!!

    2013,,Flew to Rome,caught a train to Amsterdam,,jumped on a river cruise down the Rhine to Budapest,passing through about 50 odd locks with 3 of the locks lifting the boat 81 feet up,,took a train from Budapest to Switzerland and then train to the Matterhorn,,caught a plane out of Zurich and back to Brisbane..left a lot of the trip out,to much to put in here,,but a trip to remember for a long time..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<


    Something great to remember Terry. Rome and Amsterdam are both beautiful cities.
    terryfossil 1

    Yeah Sunny,you gotta be careful of some of the cookies in certain cafe's,,,they are not traditional cookies ,,>>>>>>><<<<<<

    Yes true Terry, especially in Amsterdam.
    terryfossil 1

    Hey Sunny,,another thing about Rome,the cobblestones are not good for someone with a metal hip and knee,,i had 3 falls in Rome,,no serious problems though,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    Yes a lot of cobbled streets, imagine what it must have been like to ride a cart or carriage over them with wooden wheels over them.

    Sept 2014, went to stay with an old mate in South of France, we went to school together, and spent a lot of our teenage years together, so we had a lot of laughs reminiscing. 




    At least 2 months ago. I am WAY overdue.


    You take a vacay every month ? !

    No, it just "feels" like I could use another one right now. I usually take 2 a year.

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