Why does my P.T. Cruiser make a whirring, crackling noise when I shift from Park to Drive, but not vice versa. ? And there's chirping sound under the hood.....coming from the engine. The new shop I take it to are booked. The dealer kept if captive for 5 days for something trivial last fall; and the other shop changed hands and the new owners ripped me off.

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    MCM,not an easy question to answer without hearing the sound,,i am assuming the noise is coming from the gear box,,park is not a drive gear,so there is not really a selection process,,but from park to drive there is a selection process,,the selection process could be what you are hearing,,i have a Jeep Cherokee Sports,,if one of my tyres are a bit off on air pressure a light comes on on the dash to let me know,,a P.T.Cruiser sounds like it might have a fairly sophisticated electronic system,does anything come up on the dash,,do you check the oil in the transmission,however if the sound is new,and does not effect the transmission working,,,when you find the time, get the mechanics to have a look at it..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

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