how can I stop having dreams at night that are long, involved, vivid, complicated, take a lot of turns and twists........have frustrating senarios ?

    should I stop eating just before I go to bed, but then I get hungry , and can't sleep if hungry. Are my meds making me spend all night dreaming crazy dreams ?

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    It's your meds, check with your doctor about changing or stopping them, I speak from experience.


    ok. I'm going to see him in 2 days - - -- on the 26th. I can't take many more of these weird dreams. It's been going on for years.

    Romeos, I saw him and asked him to reduce the mg . strenght of my Zoloft. And he did. I still have weird dreams, but not as many and I don't have them all night. I can't remember some of them now. They used to upset my whole day. I would wake up feeling exhausted.. Thx for your input, " Ted " BTW, I lost a few lbs . Yay ! I hope to get off of Zoloft completely , b/c it makes you put on weight too.

    mymomscat that's tickles me a little. i dream a lot too. and i am aware of them. they say dreams reflect what went on during the day in your real life. dreams are a way of working out problems sometimes too. i first discovered this when i was taking shorthand in junior high or high school. i dreamed about it at nite and seem to retain it better. they say you can seek solutions thur your dreams. ask a question before you go to bed and keep paper and pen next to bed so you can write in down when you wake up so you won't forget it. i hate for anybody to wake me up while i'm having a dream, unless it's a monster dream.


    good info, Tabby.



    Thx. I've tried prayer once, but I guess I should keep at it for awhile and see what happens.

    MCM,the number of crazy remedies for that problem go forever,,some people take medication,and the medication gives them side effects,,I have absolutely no idea sorry...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<


    I think you're right, Terry . It's the meds.

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