Psalm 30:5

    For his anger endureth but a moment, in his favour is life, weeping may endure for a night, but Joy cometh in the morning!

    Psalm 30:5

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    Just a note, akaQA is a general question and answer website. It is not a solely Christian site. All religious questions are welcome but preaching or giving sermons is not. This you know already and I do believe you are already pushing the line after being allowed back today. Multiple or continuous postings of verses, bible passages, or Psalms for no other reason than to just post them will be considered preaching or giving sermon and the post will be removed.

    Sorry. I am trying to be good. You erase half of my stuff. :(

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    Hey Booza,,i am also a Christian,and you are not helping anybody by just picking a scripture from the bible and posting it,,thats like going to one of those churches where the preacher reads from the bible,and then says go home and be good,,you are not helping anyone just like the preacher is not helping anyone,,apart from that this is not a preaching site,and you are not a preacher,,,This is a question and answer site,,you have no question and you have no answer,,Always nice talking Booza..>>>>>>><<<<<<<

    Please ask a question pertaining to what you post in the "Ask a Question" section. I'll assume (this time only) you were looking for a definition of this passage. 

    You can find Psalm 30:5 explained here

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