Have you ever interacted with the police, in a good way or a bad way.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

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    Cops have always treated me like I’ve done something wrong, like they expect it.  I’m nice and polite, well mannered and respectful but they always behave as if I have something to hide. I feel like a child around cops………..

    I've never had a bad run in with a cop. I respect them, they respect me. Maybe I've always just lived in good areas where the cops do not get stressed by constant bad elements. 

    Now there you have 4 different people with 4 different answers about 1 question "police "JH,Colleen and Ben,,and myself..each one of us had different upbringing and life circumstances,and each one of us has different opinion of police..and how we would interact with them,,the vast majority of my run inns with cops were my own fault,,i even had a couple try to help me...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<

    i have been very lucky with police over the years. police have helped me in my work with kids, gang like kids, gone wild. also i have been stopped by police. i have talked with them, called them sir and asked them please do not give me a ticket and explain why. most of the time i did not get a ticket. plus i tell them i am one of the people that appreciates police and how important they are to having a sane society. the last time i got stopped by a policeman, 6 months ago, i was going to kentucky fried chicken. i did not make a complete stop. a young officer stopped me and told me i did not stop completely. i told him all the reasons i did not have time to go to court, plus all my other problems. he told me i was one of the few people that spoke to him with respect. most people are angry and hostile. he explained to me what a full stop meant. "Having all four wheels come to a complete stop."  "Yes sir" from me.  No ticket.


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    Tabber, you scare me.>>>>>>><<<<<<<

    terryfossil 1, you scare me too.>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<
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    Great,now we are both scared,,where did your bravery go..????????

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