Talent or hard work

    Which is more important Talent or hard work..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

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    If you have a talent, it can be useful to get you where you want to be, but you won't get there unless you work hard at it.

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    Sunny,that could be a best answer.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    Hard Work...Talent can be wasted if the talented person is lazy but hard work can get a person anywhere they choose to go.

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    But a hard working talented person would go further don't you think Duck

    Yes, but you asked which is more important.
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    Touche Duck,so i did..>>>>>><<<<<

    I’m willing to work hard if it’s something I want. What better reward? But then again, I’m lazy. I like doing what I’m good at and impress others with it……...

    "A flash of brilliance is better than a life of labor"..   True talent can be hard work..

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    Daren.a flash of brilliance is just that,,a flash and then it is gone,,>>>>>>><<<<<<<

    i believe all people are born equal,and everyone is given a god given talent,,the trick is to find that talent as early as possible,nurture it and grow it with hard work,and you will go a long way to a happy and successful life,,i had a natural talent for all sports,,i was above average without trying,,i did not find the talent early enough,or grow it or work hard at it,,i totally wasted it..instead becoming an alcoholic pill popping crim,,all because i never recognized a natural talent..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

     talent makes inspiration. hard work makes success.

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