Obama likes idea of mandatory voting, would you ?

    I have to agree with him. A good idea. Also a great way for law enforcement to serve arrest warrants and identify wanted people outside polling polls. Some people don't want to be identified and wont vote. 

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    The police would not be able to sit outside polls and arrest people because they were forced to show an ID. That would be called entrapment. Some people do not want to be identified at the polling station because they are in this country illegally. They vote democrat because the democrats are historically famous for giving free passes to illegals.

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    No. It would be a slight on your rights as an American.  Freedom to vote can mean not voting at all. And if I was a crook, you can bet I wouldn't be at the polls!


    Which is why my guess obama will do what he can to violate constitution.

    Wouldn't it be crazy if you could sell or raffle off your votes... stand on scalper's corner haggling for the highest bid ... a royal riot.


    Providing a valid identification at a polling location is a good idea.  I'm all for checks and balances to prevent fraud as much as feasibly possible.

    I have the right to exercise the privilege of voting.  Many do not, but it is my choice, and the freedom of that choice needs to be protected and respected. 

    (For years, MY vote has been the "kiss of death" for a candidate)


    That's why I stopped voting Marxist... LOL

    You know I'm gonna argue with you on the ID law next email.........

    Of course, JHH, but provide me a good reason why someone who is going to vote shouldn't have valid ID so I can give your argument some consideration!!! :D

    I didn’t have ID for 12 years and I voted. Do you consider me not vote worthy? I feel like the voter’s card should be enough. This year I could have committed voter’s fraud but didn’t, The system is flawed even with ID requirements……...

    Of course I consider you vote worthy. I just think you should be the one casting a vote with your privilege; valid identification guarantees that.

    Then was I not worthy during those 12 years? I would think voter's cards would be enough-they state name and address and party if I am not mistaken. The voter's card is legal ID and should be used as such (like at the polls). The way you view things, I should not have voted those 12 years.......

    I am saying I think everyone should have a photo identification card.
    I am saying there is a lot of identification fraud.
    My kids had to have photo identifiction to get on an airplane, when they were children.
    Why should an adult be exempt from providing photo identification?
    Furthermore, no one asks for identification when one registers to vote.
    But, I digress. I asked you (30 days ago) to give me a good reason why someone who is going to vote shouldn't have a valid ID. I guess when you admit you could have committed voter fraud but didn't, it bolsters my argument.
    I haven't said someone's not "vote-worthy". I'm saying people should have photo ID at polling places.
    Vote-worthy is not the issue; your argument is subjective, defensive and personal. My opinion is objective. I don't care what color one is or if one lives in a mansion or under an overpass. Show a photo ID at the polling station.

    There are a small number of states which accept voter card as sufficient ID. Texas isn't one if them.

    And if you are too poor, secluded, disabled or just lazy you can't exercise your right to vote. Pay to get the ID and for the paperwork needed for it. Never mind that you have gone through the process in getting a voter's card and that should be enough. Throw away the earned cards as they don't mean a thing anymore. Save paperwork. And rest assured you are considered second class or of no worth at all..

    What about individuals living in special homes?Ie: nursing, special needs, group homes, halfway houses?

    But it isn't enough in more than 40 states. "Just plain lazy"?
    Voting is a privilege, as it CAN be taken away. If it means enough to someone to exercise the privilege, (s)he will make an effort to ensure (s)he doesn't lose it.
    Certainly, anyone in the housing situations you suggested should have some sort of valid ID. In today's world of transient, illegal, and terrorist concerns, I would prefer identified people are casting votes that affect our well-being.
    Felons often lose their voting privileges. What's to prevent them from giving false info to a voter registration "hawker"? You spent 12 years with a voter registration stub as your only form of identification. In my pampered, sheltered world, it makes no sense. I doubt you'd have gotten on an airplane to Los Angeles with that as your only identification. Why should voting require less than admission to a plane?
    I love you, as you know...we'll never find middle ground on this.

    Interesting debate. Being Canadian, I can't relate. We get a voting card in the mail and when we go to the polls, we show government I.D. No big deal for us after years of doing so. Maybe it doesn't happen in the U.S. but mail does get stolen sometimes. It also can go to the wrong address when people move, so logically, showing I.D. seems normal.

    There's no perfect solution. :-(

    I don't like mandatory anything, except for young parents taking mandatory parenting classes before they can take their baby home from the hosp; and before they can keep a home birthed baby at home. The adoption laws are just as thorough........even stricter. They do a home study before you can adopt.


    1. It would open the floodgates for crappy voting from people who are politically challenged. These people typically stay home and do not vote which is a good thing. 

    2. People would resent being forced to vote so would vote like they were taking a multiple choice test that they didn't study for. A check here, a check there, without even recognizing who's name they were checking.

    3. It would take days just to get through the polling station if thousands more rushed to the polling station on election day.

    4. Mandatory voting infringes on our freedom of choice. 

    5. Not without forcing a voter ID law

    6. Would force the senate to come up with funding to hire a Gestapo to search the data base of 300 (or so) million people to make sure they voted.

    7. Obama saying it would be "fun" for the U.S. to consider amending the Constitution over this just shows he thinks the office he holds is all about having  fun and tossing out ideas to see which ones stick. 

    Voting is mandatory in Oz; if you don't vote you get a fine.

    I seen a news report concerning voting in america,,one of our shows crossed to a report from Mike Amor, he is an Australian who lives and votes in America,,don't ask me how that works....they were discussing compulsory voting,,Mike said he doubts compulsory voting will ever be in America,,he said he lives in an upmarket place and it takes him a coupla minutes to vote,,but if you live in a lower market place,you could be standing in a line for up to 4 hours,,designed to put you off voting ,,,i guess it works because i would be heading home after 5 minutes,,and considering the amount of money that goes into the voting would seem only the rich have a say..i am not saying that is how it is,,from me looking from the outside,that is how it looks,,>>>>>>><<<<<<<


    Only the rich have a chance to run. The voting here is famous for allowing illegal votes in. Rather than mandatory voting, they need to fix the voting system itself and yes, demand voter IDs so we can stop illegals from voting. I'd like to know how Mike Amor is being allowed to vote here too. One has to be a citizen (born or naturalized) of the USA in order to vote.
    terryfossil 1

    I am guessing he is naturalized Colleen,I would suggest trying our system,but our system is flawed also,,i would like to see an end to preferential voting and first past the post getting elected,,<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>

    Actually Terry, I do not think there is a voting system in the world that is cheat proof. Sometimes I wonder if the people's votes even matter.
    terryfossil 1

    The peoples votes do not matter Colleen,even if you get the one you are voting for,he will alter his promises the age of 64 i reckon i have seen a few governments come and go,be it Labor or Liberal,,we seem to be still in a fair position,,however i do believe Liberal is better at building things and growing the economy,,Labor is supposed to be for the working people,,when they come to power they simply give away money hand over fist,also they are aligned with the green's,,tree huggers that just want to give our country to anybody who wants it ..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    Voting is not compulsory here in the UK. I don't think it should be, you would be forcing people to vote who take no interest, and therefore wouldn't know what they were voting for. It should be part of our freedom to not vote if that's what we decide,  that way you can also use that right as a protest. 





    terryfossil 1

    i believe all should vote Sunny,,if you vote you have the right to whinge about the running of your country,and what sort of patriot would have no say in the running of their own country,,i am sorry if i sound a bit high horsed about people having pride in their country,,but in democratic country's,a lot of people died so people can have the right to have a say in how their country is run...Always nice talking Sunny..>>>>>><<<<<<<

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