do you feal like you put in all the" leg work in your. relationships (non romantic (calling,traveling etc.. unless. your" friends" need or want you to do something for them

    You always go over, you make contact with them .

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    This is a very common situation. Some take more than they are able to give. After reading your question I assume you feel as though you are the person in a relationship who gives more than you get. You need to do is decide if this is okay with you. If it does not then keep on truckin'! Eventually, you will find a relationship that you find comfortable.

    No, actually the very few people who are my friends do not expect me to do much of anything when they extend an invitation.  When I am host or plan, I take care of details. This summer, I've a couple trips planned. The details are being shared and compromised so everyone enjoys the time together.

    With my adult children, they are becoming more assertive, and I'm glad!

    You need to talk with your "partner, friends", and you also need to work on your punctuation.


    Spelling, too

    I know where you are coming from. You are putting the everything into the relationship. Well, let me tell you, he’s not changing. Either get used to it or stand up for yourself and say good-bye…………...


    I like your cat avatar, Julie

    My friends are selfish. They 'll ask me to go places with them, but it has to be something THEY want to go to. They won't go anywhere with me. And they'll tell me what movie we're going to see. They never ask what I want to see. And if I suggest a movie, they won't go to it with me. They won't go anyplace, unless it's someplace THEY want to go to   :-O


    They're not friends.

    If we went to a movie together, we would pick something we both wanted to see. I'd become resentful of being told what I'm going to see or do every time.
    terryfossil 1

    Find some real friends MCM..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I'm trying to find someone who is just compromising and giving as I am, but where would one find such an animal ?

    Thought you had found one J?

    Hardware store, KOTF

    I guess it is totally up to you ,if you want to be a doormat..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    .... I treat them like I want to be treated 


    Just had a wee glance at your stats, I think you've answered more than 2879, what do you think?

    .... I don't really know
    ....thanks for pointing the stat out for me

    That's an average of 34+ TUs per answer.
    I know you're popular but....

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