What is Hominy

    What is hominy made in what grain is hominy


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    country bumpkin

    LOL...Were you just watching Diners Drive Ins and Dives?

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    Hominy is made from corn.

    Hominy refers to corn kernels without their germ and their hull, or bran. The germ and hull might be removed by soaking the corn in a special type of solution or by crushing the kernels and then sifting them out. It can be served whole or ground, and as a cereal or as a vegetable. The ground kernels can also be pressed into patties and fried. This dish is especially popular in the southern United States.

    How It's Made

    To make hominy, the corn can be soaked in an alkali solution, such as weak lye. This type is sometimes called lye hominy. When the germ and hull are removed mechanically by crushing and sifting, the variety is often referred to as "pearl." Removing the germ prevents the corn kernels from sprouting while they are being stored.

    Other Names and Variations

    There are many other names for the variations of hominy. It might be called yellow or white, depending on whether it was made with white corn or yellow corn. It's often called samp when it's coarsely ground, and when ground into small grains, it's often called grits, hominy grits, or little hominy. In some places, when the kernels are whole, it is called posole.


    And they eat it in the southern United States.

    Basically, hominy is just soaked corn and is good on it's own or is used in various recipes like manudo (Mexican soup for hangovers) or to be a side dish (we always had it with sauerkraut). 

    Stuff that tastes like bland porridge....ugh.




    I heard it looks like white paste and it tastes like paste.

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