Scotland and Australia

    I thought Scotland bowled very well,,Scotland all out 10-130 runs and Australia 3-133 runs,,I have a question,does Scotland have a cricket competition in Scotland or are they just Scottish players playing in the English county competition...

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    No big cricket competitions here in Scotland, there is a small cricket league (purely amateur), most of the Scotland Internationals play cricket elsewhere, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and England, the players are not quite good enough to play for any of their own countries so Scotland gives them a wee chance to play in the World Cup & other International competitions, you don't need to have any affiliation to the country to actually play for the country(odd rule IMO).

    terryfossil 1 Roy,i know you are not a cricket nut,,Scotland may not be slaughtering the big cricket nations,,but you can certainly hold your head up as an emerging cricket nation,,Douglas Jardine was most certainly hated by Aussie,,but he was a great player,,,if you find the time have a read of the link i gave you,,,i am a big believer in ,if your country does something good,,BE PROUD....i personally do not like soccer,,and we are a minnow in the world of soccer,,but when the Socceroos looked like winning a couple of games we probably should not have won,,,Guess who sat up late to watch us lose..maybe i am overly proud of my country,,,Later Roy.>>>>>>><<<<<<<

    They both talk with funny accents. 


    Look who's talking!
    terryfossil 1

    What Tom said..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<

    Lol lol lol. Yes you have a point.

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