What was your first impression upon seeing the one that you eventually married?

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    Assuming one is married? How about significant other?

    When I first saw James (12 year ago) I thought, “nice looking, he doesn’t look homeless”……...


    Jh, what about your first husband ?

    Oh, he was in a band and I was groupie.......

    What was your 1st impression of your 1st......that he was cute, or hot ?

    I liked his hair but was attracted to another of the band members......

    He looked like a "nice" person, not particularly handsome, but pleasant enough.  He had a very  well-modulated voice...reassuring and kind.  Hmph.   

    I love this girl...I hope her daddy is  rich..!

    Frankly, It was WOW!!

    I thought what a nice looking sheila, she spoke like a lady,,she was kind to everyone she spoke to,she was a nice Christian lady,,,not the kind to be interested in me,,,well i got the last part wrong,,as proven by the last 30 odd years..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<


    nice goin' , Terry .

    I thought he was HOT. He looked like an older  Italian movie star. He had been compared to Clark Gable, Tony Bennet,and that guy on MASH that was actually Lebanese/ American .  He had a pencil thin mustache, a deep voice, an olive complexions- - -- everything I wanted. He could sing and cook and dance. And was an excellent lover I discovered farther on down the road. He was nice and could talk to anyone. He was built like a brick house.   :-p


    Just knowing, and allowing forth coming events to naturally develop in the way that we knew they would does not require thinking your way through events to arrive at a mutually agreed-upon destination. It is simply, mutually agreed upon as a fact and agreed to before time became part of our day.



    What are you saying? You saw her. Did absolutely no thought enter your mind? She has lipstick on her teeth. Her hair is a nice color. I like her eyes. Hmm, there's someone I've never seen before. Wonder if that woman has a rabbit for a pet? She could stand to gain/lose a little weight. NOTHING? That's all the question is.

    Robert......HUH ?

    Good Lord Rob! Is anything ever straight forward?
    terryfossil 1

    keep it Simple Robert,,did you like her or not..??..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<

    My first impression...Quoft, an undefined expression. The moment you see anything, your mind seek to identify and define it. This part of my mind is most often, not allowed to express a definition until I allow that to occur. This allows me to see things and people without an immediate definition. Between seeing and defining there is this little pause where I can see everything about something or someone...and that is a huge amount of information potentially spanning their history through multiple lifetimes, their family presently and throughout their existence to their very Creation if I choose to look that far back. The human mind can be instructed to bend to ones control and I find it so curious that so many are willing to allow their own mind to tell them everything about everything and everyone in the narrow little passage of their life.

    Of course. Robert; we should have figured as much.

    Sure, I knew that.... lol

    I knew rg would respond like that ... he's not really of this planetary system ... meeps we are like lab-mice!! Run!

    Robert is just being Robert

    Cute butt.


    What is the name of that nudist colony?

    in Michigan, we call that- - - nice buns;pid=Api&amp;P=0&amp;w=220&amp;h=166

    My first hubby was the son of a preacher man... 

    Well dressed, nice, stable. I was right.



    terryfossil 1

    Fancy that Benny..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Beggars can't be choosers.

    terryfossil 1

    And what do you think now Westy..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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