Why is my ear(s) plugged up ?

    they were both plugged up last week. Now, the left one is mainly the one that's still plugged up. I haven't had a sinus infection, or a cold, or an ear ache. So, it beats me why it's plugged up.It kinda feels like when you drive up a high hill , or are on an airplane.

    I've tried home remedies to no avail. Please  don't tell me to try hydrogen peroxide, b/c once my former Dr. put some in my ear and I got so dizzy,  almost fainted.  Thank you for your help  :-)

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    P.S. - - - I already have a general Dr's appt for March 26th.

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    I have this problem in my right ear, been to see all the specialists etc, something to do with the "eustacian tube"(spelling?) in the inner ear, absolutely nothing you can do about it, bloody annoying at times but you get used to it.


    I heard of that condition, Roy . Sorry you have it. Maybe that's what my Dr. will say about mine. I'm going to call them Monday and see if I can get in earlier than March 26th.

    I get blocked up ears from time to time, more so now that I have hearing aids. I have mine syringed  about once a year, and I put a few drops of earex  or olive oil drops in them about once a week.  Apparently  the ears produce wax when you wear hearing aids or any other listening  devices in the ears,  it's  how the ears react  to a foreign  body in the ear. 


    That makes me think that b/c i wore ear plugs to bed everynight b/c of my neighbor's dogs, that's what plugged up my ears. And I wore them to some extent in public. Thank you, Sunny. I'll have to try some warm olive oil drops. I tried warm saline water and warm silver solution.

    Sorry to be so simple but could it be water?  Can you remember if you showered prior to this happening? 


    I don't think it's water b/c I tipped my head to the side and jumped up and down....especially after I put saline solution in there. The saline came out but no other water ever came out at a different time.
    Thanks, everyone for trying to help. It helps to know that this happened to some of you and you're dealing with it. What scares me is that my 80 yr. old friend said that some years ago when her ear plugged up, the Dr. said that there was no wax in there and that her hearing is gone in that ear. He said maybe b/c it was loud noises. She said what loud noises ? I said maybe when your 4 kids were screaming .She said then why didn't all the other mothers have hearing impairments ? Good point. Back in the 90s when my step grandson screamed at the top of his lungs in a high pitched scream, my one ear was kinda plugged up for 2 or 3 days. After that I wore ear plugs around them and when out in public.

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